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Synonyms for unsanctified

not holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled

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Mark's description of the Baptist is meant to invoke images of the prophet Elijah (2 Kings 1:8) but his emphasis on John's location ("wilderness" and "countryside" are mentioned three times) makes clear that the new reign, and its Messiah, do not come from the religious and social center, but the margins--the unknown, the unsanctified, the uncomfortable.
Fair trade farmers, he says, get paid a fixed price, so they have no incentive to produce quality coffee--"It's an open secret," he writes, "that Fair Trade beans have historically been much lower in quality than their unsanctified cousins.
I find that most of my accepted poems are the most innocuous ones, the silly ones, the funny ones; any poem that takes a stand on anything unsanctified comes back like a bb shot into a bathtub.
The word (arts) made flesh (activism) is the full round of creation; leaving out one or the other means the work is unfinished, the life unsanctified, the balance in need of revision.
Juliet: Unsanctified desire, more tragic far/than any star-crossed love 'twixt boy and girl
Sutter is an idolatrous worshipper of flesh as flesh, unsanctified by divine spirit.
Some readers will remember the fate of Uzzah, the son of Abinadab, who, while accompanying the Ark of the Covenant as it was being moved from his father's house, put out a saving hand to keep the Ark from tipping when it bounced about in its cart on a rough road and was struck dead on the instant his unsanctified fingers touched it.
22) Contrastingly, Katherine Evans believed that while individual women might preach, the real women were those unsanctified Jezebels, male and female, who were to keep silent in the church: They say Paul would not permit of a woman to speak in the church; it is true .
no sooner uttered it than I smiled--or sighed--to perceive in all the undiscriminated botany about me the wealth of detail, the idle elegance and grace of Italy alone, the natural stamp of the land which has the singular privilege of making one love her unsanctified beauty all but as well as those features of one's own country toward which nature's small allowance doubles that of one's own affection.
never to arrange, by their own choice an act, to spend a life of unsanctified enjoyment on earth, with one with whom they cannot hope to spend an eternity of hallowed happiness in heaven" (13).
The Fall resulted in the triumph of the irrational for the unregenerate and unsanctified.
Susan Miller traces the history of composition in university settings as it relates to mass admissions and demonstrates how composition became the "unscrubbed, unsanctified 'other' beside quasi-religious literary texts" (27).
According to Sven Lutticken, "[w]e have reached a strangely archaic state of civilization, where the idea of emulation has given way to the taboos of copyright--as if Barbie and Harry Potter were images of gods guarded by a caste of priests, and to make unsanctified use of them were blasphemous" (Lutticken 2002, 90).
There are more than enough Republicans around who say they believe that the election of one of their number will mean an end to unsanctified sex.
Three times daily, the inner perspective of the mourner is unmagnified, unsanctified.