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Synonyms for unsalaried

contributing one's time without pay

Synonyms for unsalaried

not paying a salary

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Almost all Camphills have responded by hiring employees to perform at least some functions traditionally held by unsalaried coworkers.
JC is a retired consultant psychiatrist and an unsalaried lay member of a Methodist Church in Cheltenham.
She wrote notable reports on the employment of health insurance cards as a tool of political appeasement in suburban Khartoum, and investigated in great detail the operations of the Zakat chamber, a notoriously corrupt institution established with the aim of collecting Muslim alms, an article of faith, and distributing the proceeds to religiously defined recipients including the poor and needy, recent converts to Islam, those heavily indebted while attempting to satisfy their basic needs, unsalaried combatants engaged in jihad and the zakat collectors themselves.
He said that tribesmen are unsalaried soldiers of the western borders and asked the lawyers' community of FATA for using their own influence for the passage of unanimous resolution regarding the extension of the jurisdiction of superior judiciary, establishment of medical, engineering and colleges, women university, industries and holding of local bodies' polls in FATA from Senate and National Assembly.
This reform recognized the problem of some of the unsalaried English sheriffs who had used their office for personal enrichment.
Hudson Thylor and his China Inland Mission, Taylor found it possible to adopt the methods of Fundamentalist-aligned "faith missions," alternative mission organizations that sent unsalaried and largely untrained recruits to the foreign mission field, while rejecting their ecumenical ecclesiology.
The position is unsalaried, although travelling expenses can be claimed back.
There was nothing in its statement to explain why it didn't make clear in the job advert or subsequent interviews that the work consisted of unsalaried doorstep selling.
Legal provisions are even less clear for temporary civil servants who are frequently employed in fixed-term, unsalaried advisor, or representative positions.
"My wife works and we lived off of her income for the first three years while I was unsalaried. We had to live within our small budget," says Jaisinghani of Mera Gao Power.