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the property possessed by a rounded convexity

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Using unrounded results, 836 patients (44.7%) had an initial hs-cTn1 concentration below the LoD (<2.3 ng/L); of these, 2 were diagnosed with AMI.
To make a clear difference between /i/ and /[??]/, or /e/ and /[empty set]/, he will exaggerate the use of larynx height instead, raising it efficiently for the unrounded vowels, lowering it considerably for the rounded vowels.
It is the development of the "family" part of collaborative family health care that we still have mostly in front of us if the full "unrounded comers" implementation of Don's vision is to be achieved.
Vowel duration is 218 ms for /i: /.This can be classified as high-front or close-front long vowel Both are unrounded vowels.
Caption: NOTE: Countries and regions are listed in descending order determined by their unrounded average scores.
Since grammars describe and show Mari vowels as either rounded or unrounded, it is important to establish the criteria for roundedness, while at the same time determining the acoustic parameters related to this feature, in this case in SMM.
/ CAPITAL I / Realized as a centralized, front, half-close unrounded vowel in RP e.g.
In line four yi ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.], meaning to rely, rest, cling) is the central word in sound, image, and meaning: it is a soft unrounded vowel, representing the poet's fragile temperament, the inseparable attachment to each other, and the pain, which the parting causes.
Developers will also be to give different prices for their apps in different currencies, and so avoid the rough, unrounded numbers common with currency conversions.
Pakitan Cereal Production 2005-2009 average 2009 2010 forecast change 2010/2009 000 tones percent Wheat 22234 24030 23860 -1 Rice (Paddy) 9067 10106 7500 -26 Maize 3311 3204 3313 -3 Others 522 402 451 6 Total 35135 37832 35134 -7 Note: Percentage change calculated from unrounded data Total Cereal Imports 2004/05-2008/09 1420 2008/09 3047 2009/10 estimate 253 Notes: Total cereal includes rice milled terms.
Calculations in text are based on unrounded figures.
"Consider the difference between 'I' (spoken) and 'ah' (sung), 'girl', pronounced without the 'r' in speech and with the 'r' in singing, and 'thought' with rounded lips in speech versus 'thart' with unrounded lips in singing.
IMPORTS OF COFFEE * ($ in millions) AMOUNT % CHANGE 2007 $3,514.4 14.1% 2006 $3,079.2 11.7% 2005 $2,755.8 33.5% 2004 $2,064.1 16.2% 2003 $1,776.5 16.5% 2002 $1,524.5 0.6% 2001 $1,515.2 -40.3% 2000 $2,539.3 -- * INCLUDES HUSKS, AND SUBSTITUTES THAT CONTAIN SOME COFFEE PERCENTAGES BASED ON UNROUNDED DATA.
According to unrounded numbers that Nestle gave us, a flat teaspoon has 0.27 grams of saturated fat.