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having no roof

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The total area of the Fair Grounds which was opened in the year 2003 at its new headquarters on the International Airport Road is estimated at 1.2 million square meters and the area of the roofed pavilions is about 83 thousand square meters while the area of the unroofed pavilions is estimated at 150 thousand square meters.
The project also includes 1,486.4m2 of retail space, and features unroofed balconies.
Sources cited by media said only a few small sections of the factory's general assembly building remain unroofed. Walls have still to emplaced as can be seen in the images.
The developer added that this 'uniquely architected' 16-storey building is built on the concept of maximising terrace space through staggered slabs and unroofed balconies.
Ruinous Old Logie Kirk, unroofed, re-modelled and ivy-clad to fit Sir Robert Abercromby's idea of a picturesque ruin.
The rains when they come these days there is a lot of storm that instead of coming the good rains where you would plant things and harvest them, it comes with a lot of wind; all the banana trees they fall down, the houses are unroofed, so it will affect [my grandchildren] negatively.
By removing the anterior tubercles of the two transverse processes with a Kerrison rongeur, the vertebral artery was unroofed anteriorly to protect the artery during dissection of the cyst located with more right-sided extension.
Culture of the blister fluid and the base of an unroofed blister may confirm the presence of a Streptococcus or Staphylococcus species.
All other walls and the ceiling of the unroofed part of the aviary were made of wire mesh.
Mucosal polyps can be carefully debrided, the natural ostia enlarged, the ethmoid sinuses are unroofed, and sphenoid sinuses are opened in nasal cavity and sinus nasal mucosa is mostly preserved due to excellent visualization and surgical technique.
Three hours into the surgery the thyroid was unroofed and the thyroid ligament was dissected.
Coronary computed tomography angiography was recommended and exhibited mild nonobstructive coronary atherosclerosis and nonspecific pulmonary vascular congestion with no evidence of atrial septal defect or an unroofed coronary sinus.
Remember, in our villages, those cinder-block houses unroofed since the