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having no roof

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Three hours into the surgery the thyroid was unroofed and the thyroid ligament was dissected.
If you're going to unroof that scab, you'd better have someone in the background who can help you," Dr.
ii) Sufficient global seismic disturbance to unroof all the lunar lava-tubes was generated by the handful of late sporadic impacts creating such 'recent' craters as Copernicus.
The second troubling concern that surfaced as I waited for the anecdote swapping to end was that this event had seemed to unroof a festering sore of dissatisfied physicians.
Next, a small ultra-retractor with an inserted 5-mm, 30-degree endoscope is placed into the incision over the vessel, and gently forwarded proximally to "unroof" and visualize the radial artery.
And for those who appreciate 'son et lumiere' the Grand Espace has a huge doubles unroof and a high quality CD system with column mounted controls.