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without romance


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In a slightly roundabout way, Hardy adverts to the shy romance of the scene: Jude "was not among the regular day scholars, who came unromantically close to the schoolmaster's life, but one who had attended the night school only during the present teacher's term of office" (14).
(3) Taking seriously what it means to say that his "cells remember" this land may mean that we start, unromantically, with the loss of a separation from nature that also means the loss of a past that could be claimed solely as one's own.
Service was replaced in 1932 by the Beaver, which ran until 1937, when a second ferry, unromantically named Scow No.
"I knew that if I did not get married in two or three years, then I never would," Putin is quoted as saying unromantically.
The unromantically designated Temples A and O were set back from the
Unfortunately, he was rumbled and rather unromantically beheaded.
Looking out her window, she contemplates the moon, which she regards now, unromantically:
Later in "Billy Ray's Farm," for example, Brown illustrates the hardships of actually making a living in the pastoral place as he discusses quite unromantically and unsentimentally the herd that he tends:
And well, who'd thought unromantically bookish ones are difficult to conquer?
She refashions the gothic into a more quotidian but more vital genre, where her heroines face dangers more real, and ultimately with more tragic potential, than those encountered by all the Emilys, "'Julias and Louisas'" (107) in the world, and where, paradoxically but realistically, women must behave un-self-consciously and unromantically to overcome them.
Perhaps unromantically, pre-nuptial agreements are becoming more popular, with almost all the matrimonial lawyers surveyed reporting either the same or an increased demand for such services compared with last year.
That trend is apparently likely to continue, not least, if unromantically according to some marriage counsellors, because of the current cold financial climate.
And so, Matthew and Roslyn spent their first day of married life unromantically donning Wellington boots and sweeping out water and silt alongside family and friends, before jetting off to their honeymoon in the Maldives.
His latest book, his 19th, is already proving popular with readers desperate to understand the reasons for love, which he claims - quite unromantically - are simply a series of straight-forward chemical reactions.
The pair, from Acklam Road, Middlesbrough, got engaged on August 8, 1980, when Paul unromantically popped the question as they were walking along Westbourne Grove in North Ormesby.