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neither expressive of nor exciting sexual love or romance

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And presently the voices of the two speakers were hushed, or were replaced by the gentle but unromantic music of the nose; and save when the church bells tolled the hour and the watchman called it, all was silent at the house of John Sedley, Esquire, of Russell Square, and the Stock Exchange.
The city of Coventry pipped lovelorn Aberystwyth and Cardiff to the top, taking the mantle of the UK's most unromantic city.
Unlucky in love and desperately in need of professional assistance, he requests an arranged bride with medical experience, hoping to kill two birds with one logical, unromantic stone.
But some boys refuse to believe this unromantic (realistic?
The book provides an unflinching and unromantic portrait of everyday life under the thumb of the Sicilian Mafia, written in an accessible but gripping manner for younger, English-speaking readers.
Plainly, it didn't have the desired effect in unromantic sixties Scotland, because they dropped the joke.
ANDREA Dunbar was 19 when she wrote this unromantic comedy about a 27-year-old man and two 15-year-old babysitters.
And Samantha was shocked when she realised Race 6 was named: "Samantha Ryan will you please marry me?" Paul said: "Samantha kept saying to everyone that I am so unromantic and in order for her to say 'yes' I had to do something special."
This unit had the perilous but unromantic task of flying supplies and personnel to partisans in Yugoslavia.
In a moment too unromantic for a Bollywood buff like me, here I was bidding goodbye to the delicious Delhi cuisines, the Mughal palettes and my teary-eyed friends.
hands)) (Unromantic (dropped bowl (shattered (bounced back in my
When these unromantic issues get resolved, they nervously prepare for their wedding night.
Within the castle, Shahrzad puzzles over the decidedly unromantic secret behind the caliphs sad eyes.
She said he was unromantic a cold fish of a guy, as he much preferred football drinking beer and eating a pie.
Three-times-married Rod had flings with some of the world's most beautiful women and fathered eight children - but one famous ex-lover said he was unromantic and a bedroom flop.