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Synonyms for unripe

not fully developed or mature

not fully prepared

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In all of these poems, we see the same tensions that animate Fauset's heroines: Joanna's "aloofness" from romance, the war between her "hard unripeness" and the "tug of passion"; and Angela's awakening to "impulses" and "yearnings" that render obsolete the hard-encrusted fact of convention.
unripeness in such cases arises not from the logic of the short cut but
The problem already looming large on the horizon is how we will survive without mqiqa in another month when my carob ripens and loses the special heavenly, slightly astringent flavor of its unripeness.
Defendant appealed, claiming that the lower court should have dismissed (1) all claims on forum non conveniens grounds; (2) the RICO claims (a) for unripeness and (b) because RICO cannot apply extraterritorially.
(3) He illuminates this temporality by comparing it with the ripening of a piece of fruit, showing how its present being is congruent with what he calls its "not-yet": "The ripening fruit, however, not only is not indifferent to its unripeness as something other than itself, but it is that unripeness as it ripens.
Were Canadian leaders farsighted, or simply oblivious to the unripeness of their approach?