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Synonyms for unripe

not fully developed or mature

not fully prepared

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They had previously folded up in small parcels of leaves, pieces of beef, fish, ripe and unripe bananas, and the tops of the wild arum.
A fruit of unripe wisdom, and he himself is ignorant of what he is laughing at, or what he is about;--for that is, and ever will be, the best of sayings, That the useful is the noble and the hurtful is the base.
The scene closing on these charmers, and the lower slide ascending, oranges were revealed, attended by a mighty japanned sugar-box, to temper their acerbity if unripe. Home-made biscuits waited at the Court of these Powers, accompanied by a goodly fragment of plum- cake, and various slender ladies' fingers, to be dipped into sweet wine and kissed.
Here and there I strayed through the orchard, gathered up the apples with which the grass round the tree roots was thickly strewn; then I employed myself in dividing the ripe from the unripe; I carried them into the house and put them away in the store-room.
To investigate the effect of consumption of unripe plantain on fear and anxiety behaviour, three groups of mice were fed with diet containing 100 per cent, 50 per cent and zero per cent (control) unripe plantain.
"Children of litchi pickers go to the field and eat the unripe fruit.
It is called Ciento Quinse because it has 115 chillies added to an array of ingredients that include crabs, shrimps, mussels, one whole unripe jackfruit and coconut milk.
Harsh winds and hailstorms caused many unripe mangoes to fall from trees prematurely, while the longer winter prevented other harvests to ripen on time.
Climate experts believe 20 percent decline in mango fruit production this year as the unripe mango fruit has fallen from the trees due to gusty winds, hailstorms and rains last month.
Jackfruit has a lot going for it, including a low calorie count and lots of nutrients, but for plant-based cooks its biggest selling points are texture and mild flavor -- when it's unripe. That means it can play a fun stand-in for pulled pork or chicken, especially with the right spices and other flavorings.
A fruit trader at Islamabad fruit market Rana Munir said commercial ripening was an essential part of business 'We pick unripe fruits and use certain methods to increase the shelf life of those fruit'
Cotton should not be picked from unripe boll as it can damage quality of the rest of the stock.
He said eating of unripe fruits was also creating gastro, especially in children.
Hoarders are known for storing unripe fruits, coating them with calcium carbide and then selling them later at higher prices especially during the Islamic fasting month of Ramazan, when prices of fruits and vegetables are skyrocketing due to higher demand.