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not righteous

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Satan and two human figures from the poem embody Salduena's category of unrighteous, destructive anger: Munuza and Bishop Oppas are unapologetically condemned for their anger and criticized for specific sins because they are the religious enemies of the Spanish Christians.
He stood alone in his belief that judgment justified execution of an unrighteous king or queen
The psalmist reminds us that 'Righteousness exalts a nation', but sadly we are living in times when very unrighteous decisions are being made, and when arbitrary 'British values' are taking the place of Christian values.
There are three common explanations offered: angels marrying human women, noblemen or tyrant rulers marrying commoners, or the righteous line of Seth intermarrying with the unrighteous line of Cain.
Whatever caritra he may consider to be detrimental to the treasury and army or to be very unrighteous, he should set it aside and establish a righteous vyavahara.
With honesty and rigor, we are to listen to the insights across the board: even to those who are deemed unrighteous and unworthy and beneath our dignity.
One might ask when righteous indignation in response to injustice crosses the line into unrighteous anger.
The laws during Caragea regime specified that the gift "will be asked back" when the receiver "will dishonour" the endower, or "will harm," or when "will do bad thinking against him" or when "will make unrighteous complaints," see M.
He described the Suez crisis as "two permanent Council members engaged in an unrighteous shooting war".
Surface Detail offers a particularly haunting vision of societies that, in seeking to adapt their age-old religious beliefs to modern technology, have created vast computerized hells--simulated but terrifyingly real-seeming digital environments in which the mind-states of the unrighteous are flayed and shredded for a virtual eternity.
When I burst into an unrighteous rage at the end of the match after discovering that we had "only" drawn 1-1, I failed to realise just how unreasonably I was behaving at the time.
According to table personality character, unrighteous behavior of player, referee fault in sensitive time, delay in starting match, weak operation of interested team, match result is main factors of aggression as well as establishing, media and discipline force operation is least cause for aggression.
Because I have eaten the fruit of unrighteous privilege.
7) Indeed, as already noted by Jahn, "Solomon could scarcely complain so bitterly concerning oppressions, the unrighteous acts of judges, and the elevation of fools and slaves to high honors, to the neglect of rich and the noble, unless he wished to write a satire on himself.
When the followers of unrighteousness are united in their unrighteous path, why should not we go united in our right position when dealing with global challenges," Mursi said.