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of a firearm



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A .45 ACP bullet fired in an unrifled barrel was only going to be effective at close range.
Only one goodie bag will remain unrifled. I got it at an event where the theme was Scottishness and you can take your goodwill and shove it.
The proper word for a Weatherby Magnum chamber is "freebore," a short, unrifled section ahead of the chamber that allows velocity to build before the pressure spike that occurs when the bullet is jammed into the lands and grooves.
The operator places an unrifled barrel onto the fixture and the safety door is closed.
Factory rifle barrels are bored with an unrifled area ahead of the chamber, to accommodate a wide variety of bullet weight/length configurations.
who in reality are foul and ravenous birds of prey, (both mothers and daughters,) flutter over our heads, and souse down upon our tables, and leave nothing unrent, unrifled, unravaged, or unpolluted with the slime of their filthy offal.(14)
This means the bullet must pass through almost 2 inches of unrifled chamber insert before it engages the rifling, with a negative affect on accuracy.
As stated, it is really a 201/2-inch barrel; the last unrifled bit doesn't add to velocity.
No History We have left unrifled, our Pens have beene dipt As well in opening each hid Manuscript, As tracts more vulgar, whether read or sung.(84)
For one, they require the bullet to travel through an unrifled chamber-sleeve tube before it engages the rifling, meaning it's unlikely that it will be truly concentric with the bore when it gets there.