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not rhythmic


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If "men" receives its due linguistic stress, the verse line sounds unrhythmical; if it is unstressed, the iambic singsong is preserved, but the rhythm becomes childish.
Aristoxenus may not have been right (the text as we have it was demonstrably worked over, in at least two places), and Pearson may not have been fight (there are several points on which I would strongly disagree with him), but the 'dactylo-epitrite' is clearly ruled out by the Rhythmics as 'unrhythmical'; and if the doctrine be true after all, then much more than the 'dactylo-epitrite' must be abandoned.
Yet Aristoxenus categorically rules out the eight-time rhythm arrogated to the dochmiac as 'unrhythmical'.
A more generous (and less critical) approach like Fraenkel's in his Leseproben leads quickly to a confusion even of the real and fundamental distinction between rhythmic and unrhythmic prose: so a clearly unrhythmical letter by Caelius is classed by Fraenkel as the reverse.(6) Within the sphere of rhythmic prose itself, we produce only unclarity when everything can be proved too easily.
For myself, I would regard most apparent exceptions as textually suspect, save principally in idiomatic variants like simul atgue and aliter atque; and certainly the MSS can be shown to present atque wrongly at times.(11) It might then be objected, when the feature is used later to confirm various patterns, that the instances alleged may be corrupt (or simply unrhythmical).