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He promptly shot a photo with the unknowing woman, ( posting it on his Instagram and saying , "Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bey concert...
It turned out that unrhythmic white woman wasn't just any random stranger.
( Read: Marlon Wayans Blasts Woman's 'Unrhythmic' Dance Moves on Jay Z and Beyonce's Concert, Not Knowing It's Delta Goodrem
A more generous (and less critical) approach like Fraenkel's in his Leseproben leads quickly to a confusion even of the real and fundamental distinction between rhythmic and unrhythmic prose: so a clearly unrhythmical letter by Caelius is classed by Fraenkel as the reverse.(6) Within the sphere of rhythmic prose itself, we produce only unclarity when everything can be proved too easily.
In this, a rhythmic close is followed by an unrhythmic close, particularly by a verb of the shape - - - x.
Very commonly what looks like a rhythmic close is followed by a close which in itself is unrhythmic, but would form part of a rhythmic close if taken with what precedes it.
A further point against (ii) is that passages where atque + consonant is followed by a simply unrhythmic close are very markedly rarer than those which allow overlap: this is not likely to be coincidence.
(In Shamanistic music, physical vibrations were often used.) With more specific problems in mind, the possibility arose of finding a specific range of frequencies that could be coupled with relaxing, unrhythmic music to produce an effect directly into the body of physically handicapped people (Skille 1982, 1982, 1985).
comedian Marlon Wayans described her as the "most unrhythmic white woman" at Jay Z and Beyonce's concert.
( Read : Marlon Wayans Blasts Woman's 'Unrhythmic' Dance Moves on Jay Z and Beyonce's Concert, Not Knowing It's Delta Goodrem
Delta, on the other hand, seemed unfazed by the commotion about her "unrhythmic" dancing.
funny man posted a photo of the "most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN" dancing next to him at Jay Z and Beyonce's concert, perhaps not realising it was Australia's pop superstar.
Marlon haven't replied to any of the comments on his social media accounts, while Delta appeared not to have noticed the commotion behind her "unrhythmic" dancing.