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not made known


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Mehsud in a rare address from unrevealed location, said that the TTP is not just fighting a war on a tactical level, but has been successful in subduing politicians and bring them to the negotiation table.
The judge will be Jesus; the day is set but unrevealed (Rev 20:11-15).
15 November 2011 - US molecular imaging specialist Positron (OTCBB:POSC) said in a statement it had inked a letter of intent to take over Manhattan Isotope Technology (MIT) for an unrevealed price.
According to the reached agreement, BDI will get two Deputy Prime Minister positions and five ministries but the names of the future functionaries are still unrevealed.
The old football ground in Sloper Road, which was council owned, was sold to Redrow builders, a company which was associated with the football club, for an unrevealed sum which I understand was given to the football club.
Lowry's investigation uses some 75,000 Federal court-martial records recently uncovered in Nation Archives files and largely unrevealed since the Civil War to provide a striking historical survey of the events and lives of these women, making this a major pick not only for military collections strong in Civil War history, but for general holdings strong on women's history.
Sometimes unrevealed conflicts are not even financial but rather political and personal.
The outcome will be left unrevealed, but since the film is called ``Frankie and Johnny Are Married,'' and since it's based on an actual production staged in L.
Still, the Kia Cerato will be a well-equipped, petrol or diesel-powered bread-and-butter car when it goes on sale later this year at prices as yet unrevealed.
Using coded language, Rowling has been able to put into written form the unrevealed and unspoken fears of the abortion survivor.
WPP has bought, for an unrevealed sum, 60% of H-Line, one of the largest and longest-established public relations companies in China, via its 100% owned subsidiary Ogilvy.
You can bet that the weapons and explosives they contain are either not immediately required or can be readily replaced either from other unrevealed caches or friends in the USA.
When Frankel and his mentor in Washington, Scotty Reston, drew conclusions from a variety of unrevealed sources, weighing these on a scale of probability fashioned by their experience, New York wanted to attach some legitimating phrase to them, such as "officials (or at least, `observers') said.
Toyota City, Aichi, Japan), for example, recently awarded three turn-key deals with unrevealed values.