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Synonyms for unresponsive

Antonyms for unresponsive

not responding to some influence or stimulus

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aloof or indifferent

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not susceptible to suggestion or influence

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She told the inquest at Heywood Coroner's Court she woke up to find her grandson unresponsive at the bottom of the sofa with his five-year-old sister Charlotte close by.
A Prison Service spokesman said: "HMP Liverpool prisoner Carl Jacques was found unresponsive in his cell at 10am on Sunday, May 10.
He was checked at 3pm but ten minutes later he was found to be unresponsive.
While many love nursing, many also expressed perceptions that increasingly unsafe practice environments, leadership unresponsive to nursing concerns and rigid management were causing them to reflect on their future.
The 26-year-old, who was named by the prison service as Nedas Damasas, was found unresponsive inside his cell on Tuesday at Hewell prison, near to Redditch.
Benghazi: Unaware, Unresponsive & Unaccountable" Highlights Discrepancies, Gaps In Administration Accounts
Following the first 911 call, the boy's grandmother was found unresponsive in the bathroom, prompting a second 911 call by the 10-year-old child.
Washington, June 23 ( ANI ): The 911 call made when Lindsay Lohan was found unresponsive in her hotel room recently has been classed as "life-threatening.
WORCESTER - A 50-year-old city woman was found bleeding from the head, face down and unresponsive in an alley early yesterday morning, and her boyfriend was charged with the beating.
In fact, she didn't recognize that Maggie's life was in danger one night when she found her unresponsive, unconscious, and apparently gasping for breath.
His father Charles told the Huddersfield inquest in a statement that he had found his son, a catering worker, blue and unresponsive in his bedroom just after 9pm.
Coroner Dr Brian Farrell said when the victim arrived at hospital, he had no pulse, was unresponsive and his pupils were fixed and dilated.
29 when his mother brought him to Simi Valley Hospital because he was lethargic and unresponsive, police said.
Institutional shareholders like mutual funds, hedge funds and the like remain far more interested in a company's earnings than its leanings, and shareholder-instituted challenges to unresponsive managements are still routine events.
Various genetic mutations can produce Laron syndrome, in which the body is unresponsive to growth hormone.