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not returned in kind

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In medieval legends of Virgil, similarly, the poet loves unrequitedly the daughter of the emperor, who offers to sneak him into her bedroom at night, but then leaves him dangling in a basket halfway up the tower she inhabits, to the delight and the derision of the Roman people (see Comparetti 2.108-09).
Witness what happens when Funny Ha Ha's lead Marnie (Kate Dollenmayer) is goaded into speaking openly: she loses first her livelihood (having replied honestly when her boss asks whether she likes her job), then her dignity (having confessed to being unrequitedly in love with a male friend).
Many people reported being sleepless the night after first seeing the film, going back to see it again and again, with each viewing revealing different dimensions, and for weeks finding themselves tossed by waves of grief as though they themselves were unrequitedly in love.
Nor did it help matters that he had been obsessively, unrequitedly in love with Wordsworth's unmarried sister-in-law for nearly a decade--the only great poem of his later years, "Dejection: an Ode," began as a letter to her--and "harassed and persecuted" her, as Dorothy Wordsworth put it, with declarations of that love.
To go back to the beginning, I covered the Broadway opening of "All Shook Up," and walked into the Palace Theater a disbeliever, having loathed both "Good Vibrations" and "Mamma Mia!" But by intermission, Joe DiPietro's book--an ingeniously updated melding of "Twelfth Night," "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "As You Like It"--had everyone onstage falling insanely and unrequitedly in love with the wrong partners, all to the strains of "Can't Help Falling in Love." Never an Elvis fan, I was suddenly hooked and, to this day, must look up from my cheeseburger at Mel's Drive-In on the Sunset Strip whenever that 1950s classic by George Weiss, Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore hits the jukebox.
As part of his recovery he goes to the Channel Islands to study farming, where he falls violently and unrequitedly in love with a local girl, a trauma which leads to a relapse of his nervous condition.
Audiences also took away different portraits of the athletic track star for whom the author of The Shropshire Lad pined so unrequitedly. Broadway's Moses Jackson (David Harbour) was a muscular, broad-shouldered jock opposite a decidedly reedy Robert Sean Leonard-so overwhelming a presence in the protagonist's world view that it seemed not remotely untoward when an image of him running a race was projected on an enormous, stage-wide screen.
Instead she blames the Internet for disguising Pete's nature (when, in fact, his first e-mail, "is this the real meghan daum?" perfectly reveals the nature of his seduction), and she somewhat mystically links Brian's death to his lack of interest in hard work (when, in fact, Brian had at least one difficult achievement to his credit: He loved a writer unrequitedly).