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impossible to reproduce or duplicate

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Perhaps, if we seek to use the language of knowledge economics to answer questions about our value, we might present ourselves and our graduating students as a resource for society and government: not being any longer a community that defines and celebrates the glory of literature and high culture, we are now a new kind of think tank, with largely skeptical attitudes to power and largely progressive politics, that specializes in thinking about what's hard to think and thinking it in idiosyncratic, unreproducible, non-linear ways.
With unprecedented color accuracy, attention to precise detail and user-friendliness, the SW2700PT creates colors so true that it brings out the unreproducible essence of every photo, whether taken by a seasoned pro or amateur hobbyist."
RBC membranes containing oxidized band 3 were used as PTPs substrate; on the contrary, experiment performed with purified band 3 provided unreproducible results possibly indicating that the requirement of a specific quaternary structure of oxidized band 3 is essential to allow the docking of Syk.
Described by the architect as a 'monument to nature', the church is unreproducible, a fine art product, made solely for that site, and--despite the architect's professed atheism ('I don't care about your church, I did it because it's difficult,' he said of the project), it is designed as a peasant chapel of rough concrete and stained glass, managing to be 'church-like' without referring to any particular historical precedent.
Any potential errors occurring in any of these steps will result in unreproducible and unreliable results.
Magritte's title may say "do not reproduce," but he has, in fact, reproduced the unreproducible, that is, panic.
(49) This is a peculiar construct: a property that is simultaneously inalienable and vulnerable, defined as purely intellectual (so as to be physically unreachable and unreproducible), but instantiated through purely and necessarily material objects, ascribed to genius but aimed at prohibiting the crudest of copying--verbatim reprinting.
Moreover, even if we consider these marks as 'authors' signatures', they do not mean that pieces of fabrics were copyrighted and claimed as unreproducible by others.
Instead, 'theme' refers to all that is original and unreproducible in an utterance, to overall sense, signifying import and evaluative orientation as these aspects emerge in a given instance of communicative interaction.
They seek to put their finger on the unique and unreproducible quality of their chosen author, but they are able to do so only through a comparison with another, thus making them appear unoriginal, a lesser version of their precursor.
While it is true that Hickey communicates the paintings' particular and unreproducible presence, and Burton skillfully reads the 1996 painting Lola, these are exceptions.
What the advocates of reproducible and quantifiable skills do not recognize is the temporally indefinite and unreproducible character of inductive reasoning as a crucial component of dynamic research, effective instruction, and thoughtful problem-solving as a whole.
While word formation leads to new stable entries in the lexicon, the slip compound has only an ephemeral existence--it is unique and unreproducible. Third, while regular compounds are shared by and agreed upon by all speakers of a language community, the slip compound is the private creation of a single subject, neither intended nor appropriate for wider use.
40-1), which translates as: 'But a certain cut of the face, which was not european, combined with a form of dress, [composed] from different fashions, but with a taste that was unreproducible by anyone...
The FAAS system works by attaching an unreproducible RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) to the back of the canvas or paper reproduction--using a specially formulated compound that will not react with the canvas or inks.