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Therefore, acetylation promotes open or unrepressed chromatin as unmethylated DNA.
Just as Rose re-invented her father as a man for her times at a particular moment in her life, so do I see Sophia through the prism of a present which imbues my identity with today's discussions of globalism, exceptionalism, helicopter mothers, dual-career marriages, child-rearing hothouses, best practices, and unrepressed emotions.
some, who saw the best, Declared his eyes filled up and overfilled With good warm human tears which unrepressed Ran down.
He spoke of "subversion through culture," and said "music, the theatre, and the plastic arts have become major avenues of ideas critical of our society." (3) The core appeal of Jack Kerouac's paean to a drifter lifestyle in On the Road is captured in Reich's reference to "the sensual beauty of a creative, loving unrepressed life." (4)
Milton, it would seem, embodies in Raphael--and articulates through the earnest angel's pedagogy--the very ethical tensions that infuse the poet's other work, (11) tensions brought into stark relief by a public sphere he desired to keep both unrepressed and yet, somehow, free of scandalous license.
At one point mention is even made of his 'unrepressed ecstasy" at the sight of a new finding--a deliberate hyperbole that nevertheless rings true of the depth of emotions involved.
Among these concepts are the unrepressed unconscious, symmetrical and asymmetrical logic, the generalization principle, and unfolding.
Here my response is that it is unowned, repressed anger that is far more dangerous than owned, unrepressed anger--more likely to emerge in compulsive, uncontrollable ways, more likely to spill over into violence.
If there are a less number of miRNAs than their targets, the ceRNA activity is reduced as the targets will remain largely unrepressed. Also, if there are more miRNAs as compared to their targets, there would have been no cross regulation due to almost a universal repression of the targets.
She easily moves between moments of quiet restraint to outbursts of unrepressed anger.
It's definitely far more healthy to be relaxed about being naked, to be carefree and unrepressed. But still, something about people with no inhibitions like this makes me uneasy and suspicious.
Lately, there has been immense media pressure and unrepressed feelings that have lead to inappropriate and illegal acts," he said, urging self-control by the Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, and all those residing in Lebanese territories.
I was left wondering where the dandy-composer's (failed?) sublimation stood in relation to these decidedly unrepressed musical expulsions, and desiring a more fully fleshed-out connection to post-World War I notions of Decadence in La liaise.
This does of course not mean that, for Deleuze and Guattari, desire flows unrepressed and that the subject or society ceases to exist.
Takeda et al., "Development of autoimmunity against transcriptionally unrepressed target antigen in the thymus of Aire-deficient mice," Journal of Immunology, vol.