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not exemplifying a class

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As Wood admits, these figures are "unrepresentatively high" (1981:193).
In his second chapter, not unrepresentatively, he quotes a passage from Spectator 262 in which Addison invokes the figure of the tub and leviathan.
It is possible that our targets were unrepresentatively high in frequency and therefore that this result is only regression to the mean.
No subject was institutionalized, which is unrepresentative of old people in general, and the sample included unrepresentatively high numbers of middle and professional classes for Manchester as a whole.
On a larger canvas, attempts to reconstruct earlier forms of works which survive only in distant transmissions can help to counteract the potentially misleading impression of international uniformity deriving from a small cluster of sources which, through the historical accident of survival, are unrepresentatively localized.
Whites, who were unrepresentatively urban and of high SES, until 1972 (after the original formulation of Herrnstein's thesis and after the Stanford-Binet abandoned attempts to achieve measured norms).
Those individual Association members who took the questionnaire seriously enough to fill it in are obviously an unrepresentatively self-selective subset of Annual Meeting attenders or of the APSA more generally.(4) That is true of the lesbian and gay members, and even more true of those who identify as heterosexual.
The classical theory, however, seems to imply that we ought to reject H, since the objective probability of getting such a low sample mean, given H and random sampling, was very small.(9) Bayesians, on the other hand, can reason that a sample mean in this range, given H and given that the sample is unrepresentatively young, is highly probable, and so can avoid rejecting H on the basis of E.
But it is impossible to tell how many gay opera fans--who make up an unrepresentatively large portion of many opera audiences--the author is speaking for.
It may be that the author has been unlucky in that I have chanced to check up on a quite unrepresentatively problematic set of passages.
The mean systolic blood pressure, however, was significantly higher in patients with WMLA (p = 0.036), and this became more significant (p = 0.002) when we excluded patients with a history of hypertension whose blood pressure could have been unrepresentatively low because of antihypertensive medication.