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"Forcing Tom Price from office does not come close to answering questions in the Trump Administration about the abuse of taxpayer funds when Ryan Zinke and Scott Pruitt are unrepentantly wasting hundreds of thousands on their own luxurious travel and sticking hardworking Americans with the bill.
An unapologetic Indian politician representing a Hindu nationalist party has been banned from most commercial Indian carriers after unrepentantly admitting that he used a slipper to attack a 60-year-old flight steward around 25 times.
'Hire America, Buy America,' Trump proclaims unrepentantly. It is a protectionist message sending chills to emerging economies across the globe.
The Dressmaker wouldn't have been out of place in the rash comedies of the 1990s; it revels in a distinctly Australian form of comedy that is as unrepentantly daggy as it is proudly grotesque and boastfully Aussie-centric, full of thick accents and inside Aussie-isms.
Despite the fact that he was roundly hissed for this outrageous price hike by physicians and patients alike, Shkreli grinned unrepentantly like the Cheshire cat in media interviews, explaining that his shareholders were entitled to their profits, greedy or otherwise.
While the two points may seem unrelated, it turns out that Miguel de Cervantes has a lot to tell us about why politicians lie so unrepentantly, and why their lies are so resistant to being debunked by mere facts.
"'[W]hat an impudent clog I was!"' he congratulates himself unrepentantly (478).
His singular bass playing, rabid vocal bark and unrepentantly hedonistic lifestyle made Lemmy an icon.
Here, the author laments that critics studying this play have accepted the seventeenth-century moral stricture that posited a blatantly and unrepentantly desiring woman as a bad person, essentially a female version of the arch-seducer Don Juan.
The resulting transcripts, notes, and interviews compose the evidentiary heart of Stangneth's account, opening an extraordinary window onto this unrepentantly partisan, disconcertingly candid, and volubly self-justifying society of perpetrators.
He went on to head one of the country's most successful publishing empires, and unrepentantly lived a life of sex,drugs and more sex.
The walk was brutal, the landscape was hilly, but offered no shade as the sun bore down on us unrepentantly and our water was running low.
A true gymnast would appreciate the virtually impossible balancing act of trying to make audiences like a character as unrepentantly self-absorbed as Hope, a pony-tailed blonde brat whom we meet masturbating to a tape of her 2004 Olympics win--in which she snatched the bronze medal from the brink of a career-ending ankle injury.
The film is at its best when detailing Lou's creepy personality, with Gyllenhaal terrific in an unrepentantly unsympathetic role, alongside Russo's manipulative and equally unhinged news journalist and Ahmed's impressionable Rick.
The film is best when it comes to detailing Lou's creepy personality, with Gyllenhaal terrific in an unrepentantly unsympathetic role, balanced by Russo's manipulative and equally unhinged newswoman and Ahmed's impressionable Rick.