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Synonyms for unrepeatable

not able or fit to be repeated or quoted


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The Mk2 Escort in particular was a simply unrepeatable car - just nothing else like it."
Additionally, I must mention cyclists who will on occasions, use the pavement - pedalling happily along and offering a merry quip (unrepeatable here) if I remonstrate with them.
Part of the answer to this lies in the tragic truth that much of society denies what abortion actually is--the taking of an innocent, unrepeatable, infinitely important human life.
Every snowflake is formed by an unrepeatable confluence of temperature and moisture that makes it unique.
Trevor said: "Most are unrepeatable for the simple reason that the subjects no longer exist.
Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu was also quick to throw his support behind Messi, while Luis Enrique, who is up for coach of the year alongside Bayern Munich's Pep Guardiola and Chile's Copa America-winning boss Jorge Sampaoli, called the Argentine "unique and unrepeatable".
Mark Walters, development control archaeologist at Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust, said: "The development excavation areas are of regional and national archaeological importance and the archaeology we have found here have provided a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to fully understand the origins and development of the town and the people who settled here.
I've heard lots of unrepeatable jokes about Pig-gate this week.
Yes, they all have unrepeatable attributes that no one else in the world has.
Graham Bradley BRILLIANT, if unorthodox, trainer Michael Dickinson managed the impossible, and probably unrepeatable, when his five Gold Cup runners (above) filled the first five places.
He said the country cannot bear another dictatorial regime, which will lead the country to unrepeatable losses.
If Australia wraps up the second Test today then completes a three-day victory in always-spicy Perth the unrepeatable series will be repeated and the 11-day record will be matched, the report said.
Captured with high shutter speeds, each image seems either caught in an unrepeatable moment of time or a timeless, meditative waiting; in the best images, both at once.
The second half saw him return to scripted material, mostly unrepeatable in a family paper but very funny.
It's a pity the one-liners, most of them unrepeatable here, just aren't funny, meaning the mooted sequel really would be stretching the joke too far.