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unserviceable because necessary repairs have not been made

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Millions of children in developing countries with unrepaired clefts live in shame, but more importantly, have difficulty eating, breathing and speaking.
But JR Hokkaido left the defect unrepaired, and investigators have since discovered it was 37 mm wider after the accident.
Even in India's wealthier states, corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency mean roads are often left unrepaired.
He said the rise in water levels from the Nile River and unrepaired dyke in the area, mainly caused the heavy flooding.
Meanwhile, departmental spending for big capital investment projects is being slashed meaning that potholes will go unrepaired and even more bus services could be cut.
Its signs are all around, from shattered bodies of survivors, to ongoing spasms of violence, to the pock-marked buildings still unrepaired.
That says nada to the support folks, leaving them scratching their heads and kicking your unrepaired part right back to you.
In Pasrur, the damaged Jabbokey-Nawaadhey Road remained unrepaired due to which the traffic to the dozens of the surrounding villages remained suspended for the second consecutive day.
Millions of children across the world suffer from unrepaired clefts.
These unrepaired issues are potentially hazardous for used car buyers and other vehicles sharing the road.
Letters bemoaning unrepaired potholes in an alleyway in block 19537 are just about the most interesting read most days.
Leaving any such platen damage (and resulting loss of parallelism) unrepaired risks mold flashing and further tool damage.
He came back after the specified time to find his car outside on the street and unrepaired.
The wall of the Ivanovo dam, which collapsed Monday morning and killed eight people in the southern Bulgarian village of Biser, has had cracks which stayed unrepaired for six years, it has emerged.
Six women had unrepaired fistulas, nine incompletely repaired and 17 repaired.