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unserviceable because necessary repairs have not been made

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lt;B Amey deliberately left some roads unrepaired because they were not on its database, the court was told
Customers of unrepaired 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2002-2007 Liberty SUVs will receive USD100 gift cards upon completion of recall-related inspections, or installation of a trailer hitch to minimise fire risk in rear-end collisions.
Potholes and other unrepaired roads could result in single-vehicle crashes.
Andrew, 48, says the hidden sunken gully on Greave House at Lepton was caused by unrepaired subsidence.
KARACHI -- Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has directed Works & Services Department to take up the issue of unrepaired portion of National Highway bypass near Therhi, Khairpur with National Highway Authority to get it repaired because road accidents have become order of the day there.
Sections of Barnard Castle in County Durham collapsed four years ago, but have been left unrepaired while negotiations are carried out between Durham County Council, English Heritage and Raby Estates on who should fix the walls.
Although much of the damage remains unrepaired, the National Park Service announced Thursday that it would reopen the island to visitors Monday.
In Hokkaido, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism continued its special safety inspections Thursday of JR Hokkaido, which has found, and since rectified, unrepaired rail defects at 267 locations.
Even in India's wealthier states, corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency mean roads are often left unrepaired.
He said the rise in water levels from the Nile River and unrepaired dyke in the area, mainly caused the heavy flooding.
Its signs are all around, from shattered bodies of survivors, to ongoing spasms of violence, to the pock-marked buildings still unrepaired.
That says nada to the support folks, leaving them scratching their heads and kicking your unrepaired part right back to you.
In Pasrur, the damaged Jabbokey-Nawaadhey Road remained unrepaired due to which the traffic to the dozens of the surrounding villages remained suspended for the second consecutive day.
Millions of children across the world suffer from unrepaired clefts.
a) Insurance- Marine insurance Measure of indemnity in respect of claims for unrepaired damage to a ship caused by a peril insured against a Marine hull Policy of Insurance to be followed in determining issues of marine insurance in general and the issue of unrepaired damages in particular Insurance Policy postulated that insurance was subject to Bangladesh law and practice and in absence of the same English law and practice No law on marine insurance existed in the statute book of Bangladesh Effect Held, in such a situation English law and practice will be applied for under private international law, the parties had the liberty to choose the law under which their contract will be governed- --English Marine Insurance Act, 1906, S.