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not able or fit to be rented


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But the fact that the place is unrentable means that Renton must repeat the description ad infinitum to more prospective customers, a crime against narrative to the Edinburgh Renton.
The strictly residential project presented a challenge because the historic preservation requirements left quite a bit of unrentable space, such as the old pool area in the center of the building, which has been dedicated to community use.
If work to be completed makes the property unrentable for some period, an additional vacancy factor [repair stage--use issue] will be considered by buyers.
tries to rent an "unrentable room," for which he is the only applicant.
In 1998, Levin created 1001 Spruce Office Center by converting 130,000 square feet of basically unrentable second-floor retail space at the 40-year-old, 325,000-square-foot Capitol Plaza to office space.
While demand for roof space will increase as a greater number of antennas are placed, other telecommunications avenues also produce revenue from unrentable space.
A failed business, a cracked front window, a sidewalk in front that heaved and sank, chips of fallen brick, a suicide in a corner apartment that made it unrentable and finally, in these later days, a fire that brought condemnation.
VENTING ANGER: Protests like this in Bootle have been taking place across Merseyside to fight the tax which has left hundreds of larges homes, similar in size to those pictured right, unrentable
Let us further suppose that the property is unrentable during the cleanup period (ongoing litigation, men in moon suits working, dump trucks loading, warning signs on chain link with 3-strand razor wire, and other such stigma creating activities), and that the reversionary value will return to 100 and the rent to 10 units immediately at the end of year 4, with rent in year 3 of 5 units.
While he had been advised the big base, consisting of approximately 35,000 square foot banking floors that run from about floors 2 to 17, "were unrentable," he now has about 500,000 square-feet on "big contiguous floors" at a time when Downtown is becoming an exciting place and Midtown space is drying up.
Additional vacancy (AV): If work to be completed makes the property unrentable for some period, an additional vacancy factor will be considered by buyers.
For a price just under $10 a square foot, developer Abe Hirschfeld has purchased the vacant 25 Broad Street, long considered one of the more awkward and unrentable buildings in the Downtown marketplace.
Ultimately, this tenant waged such a persistent campaign of abuse and noise-making as to make the unit directly below his unrentable. Local real estate agents warn prospective tenants about the unit, and other tenants in the building, when questioned, urge any prospective tenant to look elsewhere.