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that can not be renewed



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Even items that are considered biodegradable, like the yard clippings and paper products, break down very slowly in a traditional landfill, making the space unrenewable.
However, because the unrenewable characteristics of the coal and the pollution caused by burning are bound to draw the attention of the country and the residents, how to improve the coal utilization efficiency and promote the use of clean energy will become a main research direction in the future.
However, together with the sustainability of the development, as an economic category, there are three aspects that occur and through which the sustainable development, as well as the sustainable usage of renewable and unrenewable resources should be proportioned.
These days, many are concerned that petroleum is an unrenewable fossil fuel with decreasing reserves.
It takes a massive amount of money and unrenewable energy to feed our estimated 300-million ton appetite of plastics consumed globally each year.
The actual lifetime prolongation is desirable from both the economic point of view, and the point of view of saving the unrenewable resources of raw materials.
The sooner we can recall that leisure is holyholy enough for the Lord himself to make it mandatorythe more likely we are to begin taking back our most precious, unrenewable resource: our time.
"Instead, we hope to cooperate with other countries in the use of rare earths on the basis of win-win outcomes and jointly protecting this unrenewable resource."
* humankind and its consumption of natural resources have grown far beyond the planet earth's natural capacity, thus ruining our unrenewable natural capital, not only income;
Those who were with me in the days of slavery will appreciate these pages, for though they cannot recur with any happiness to the now "shadowy past, or renew the unrenewable," the unaccountable longing for the aged to look backward and review the events of their youth will find an answering chord in this little book.
There is no need to use such unrenewable resources for irrigating strawberries in Saudi Arabia.
Review Panel members are appointed for unrenewable terms, the length of which is prescribed by the Secretary of Defense but "normally shall not exceed two years." MCI No.
Our elderly are a precious repository of first-hand knowledge about methods to use in order to re-model and reshape the behemoth of modern, complex, unrenewable, oil-driven agriculture which happens to be militarily vulnerable, as well).
And time is, after all, the only unrenewable resource available.
It is clear that hydrogen from an unrenewable resource such as a cell fuel will increase the greenhouse effect, just as cells fuelled with synthetic methanol will do.