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not yielding profit or recompense

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safeguarding authors against unremunerative transfers."); S.
(62) A second possibility was investment in local manufacture, suggested by a partner in Valparaiso shortly before the collapse of Graham Rowe in September 1931, either by starting an entirely new enterprise under the protection of import duties, or 'getting an interest in and reorganizing factories already established, and now being run on unremunerative or rather primitive lines owing to the want of capital or energy of their owners'.
What use is it to fix income tax for the earners, while the nonearners are still being given the prospect of unremunerative labour or starvation?
Rubber cultivation has also become unremunerative. There was a time when if a farmer had 250 rubber trees he could lead a comfortable life.
Consequently able to operate from a wider number of airfields and to frequently relocate assets on them, an SLB force based on the KC-130J would present an unpredictable and generally unremunerative target set for short-supply, high-cost A2/AD weaponry.
likely stems from the unremunerative nature of victim representation,
However, from the customer's perspective, the float left in a current account is unremunerative and there is no incentive to grow this float.
If social protection were restricted exclusively to households, women would go on to be constrained to dedicate most of their time to the unremunerative care of children, diminishing their capacity to be involved in waged employment.
She said, in a country of the size of India with 60 per cent of the population dependent on a relatively unremunerative agriculture sector, the country cannot give up administered prices.
Some readers seriously believe that he expresses regret, or at least has reservations, about his career as a scribbler, his having been waylaid by the unremunerative enchantment of the wayside.
Big merchants such as he and De Moucheron were keen to get the scope of the intercontinental trade widened and chafed at the unremunerative VOC monopoly.
Paddy prices had been trending downwards across the latter half of the 1920s, but they went into a steep decline in 1930 and remained at unremunerative levels until after the Second World War.
may effectively pressure authors to make transfers on unremunerative