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contributing one's time without pay

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The ability to transfer unremunerated fixed-time activities to the market or to the state depends on the individual's socio-economic environment.
The jumping frog: In English, Then in French, Then Clawed Back Into a Civilized Language Once More by Patient, Unremunerated Toil.
It added, however, the good share of unremunerated deposits should provide good cushion here.
'The correct way to look at it is that unremunerated reserve requirement is effectively a tax on the financial system that's ultimately passed on the public,' Espenilla said in a text message to the Inquirer.
"In the GCC, there is currently no income tax, so no opportunity for tax relief; local capital markets remain narrow; and the significant amount of unremunerated deposits on banks' balance sheets suggests that remuneration is not the primary motive for some retail depositors," the report said.
This means more unremunerated work for employers, let alone the cost of their contributions.
1 of Law No 9.608, of February 18, 1998 (40) that defines it as unremunerated activity, made by a natural person, a public entity or private non-profit institution that carries out civic, cultural, educational, social welfare actions, among others (40).
It seemed just possible, in other words, that a materialist perspective ought to consider the "gravy" literally as gravy, food derived from the unremunerated labor of an African American culinary artist, usually a woman.
Chapter 4 asks whether Paul's unremunerated labor is a gift or a commodity: the answer depends not on objective characteristics of the transactions but on agents' negotiating, classifying, and reclassifying them for their purposes.
The US Federal Reserve (Fed)'s recent rate hike, which some GCC central banks have emulated, could result in deposits shifting to profit-sharing investment accounts (PSIAs) from unremunerated current accounts.
Yet, market economics depends on women to do this unremunerated work so that paid workers can continue to participate in the market (Ferber & Nelson 2003; Marcai 2015).
This might be rejected by participating colleges due to the difficulty of gathering part-time faculty who must participate on a voluntary, unremunerated basis.
Grace Glass, at American Public University System (American Military University & American Public University) ordered me to cease exercising my purported right to freedom of expression (no threats issued, no prohibited vocabulary used) and refused to provide me with further courses until I'd taken one of their unremunerated, deadly tedious re-education "netiquette" workshops.
The relatively brief second chapter addresses the terminology and subdivisions of the craft of midwifery, emphasizing the broad range of forms of training and degrees of professionalization (from the possessor of publicly recognized medical expertise to the unremunerated and untrained "volunteer" helping a friend or neighbor).