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Synonyms for unrelieved

Synonyms for unrelieved

not lessened or diminished


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An early contributor was Mary Grant, a very minor poet of banal and, to modern taste at any rate, deplorably sentimental rhymes, mostly in English, occasionally in Scots, but almost unrelievedly maudlin and lachrymose.
Especially amusing is the notion that if he were to show such an unrelievedly grave demeanor it would constitute a mask, donned to gain sympathy and increase one's sense of self-importance.
Indeed this last, unrelievedly Gothic segment includes a reference to Dante and is described as "a wonder worthy of his rhyme" (TL, 469-80).
Whatever her brother Henkov's clairvoyance about the future, Agrin will have none of it: her world is unrelievedly bleak and her otherwise beautiful face meets it only with a vacant stare.
That same year Brown gave an interview where he was asked whether his "unrelievedly grim" 1992 presidential campaign hadn't been excessive.
Not that the president has been unrelievedly partisan.
Together with the unrelievedly grim tone, a bit of humour here and there might have helped.
I suppose I meant that its preoccupations are unrelievedly Jew talking to Jew thinking about Jew.
(42) "For a long time, the news from everywhere in rural America has been almost unrelievedly bad," he writes:
The earlier poem dwells unrelievedly in the freeze of the Soul's exile.
"Gobelins Tapestries" is a description of a walk through Paris' thirteenth arrondissement, which in Miller's hand appears unrelievedly bleak and sinister.
It's this undisguised anti-religious theme that has numerous groups in a lather, but perhaps more of an issue for some auds will be the film's lack of exciting uplift and the almost unrelievedly nasty treatment of the young characters by a host of aggressively unpleasant elders.
As in previous years, your issue of March/April 2007 most properly focused on the Shoah, Albeit the subject is unrelievedly somber, you did, this time, include a piquant element.
No aspect of the war is left unexamined, and the resulting indictment is unrelievedly harsh.
She would have to write something unrelievedly terrible before I could bring myself to write anything negative about it.