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Synonyms for unrelieved

Synonyms for unrelieved

not lessened or diminished


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I found the rear of the building in darkness unrelieved from within; on the other hand, the climbing moon beat so full upon the garden wall, it was as though a lantern pinned me as I crept beneath it.
The Coldwater was fully equipped for two months' patrolling--the ordinary length of assignment to this service--and a month had already passed, its monotony entirely unrelieved by sight of another craft, when the first of our misfortunes befell.
The truth was, that while his person had been numbed by the shock, his susceptibility to apprehension kept his agitated mind in unrelieved distress.
For whichsoever reason, or for all, he drooped his devoted head when the boy was gone, and shrank together on the floor, and grovelled there, with the palms of his hands tight-clasping his hot temples, in unutterable misery, and unrelieved by a single tear.
I say insufferable; for the feeling was unrelieved by any of that half-pleasureable, because poetic, sentiment, with which the mind usually receives even the sternest natural images of the desolate or terrible.
Smallweed while away the rosy hours, two unrelieved sentinels forgotten as aforesaid by the Black Serjeant.
The uniformity of the colouring gives an extreme quietness to the view, -- the whitish grey of the quartz rock, and the light brown of the withered grass of the plain, being unrelieved by any brighter tint.
She stood, a frail and passive vessel into which the other went on pouring all the accumulated dislike for all her pupils, her scorn of all her employers (the ducal one included), the accumulated resentment, the infinite hatred of all these unrelieved years of--I won't say hypocrisy.
But they happen in such relentless profusion and lack of selectivity that the viewer reels from the unrelieved onslaught.
Vast plains of unrelieved monotony Scorched brown earth, devoid of green Stretched endlessly before me The quiet is deafening I'm filled with unease Is this Armageddon?
In order to remedy all this unrelieved suffering, nurses need to understand the meaning of drug abuse, its implications for pain control, and the moral responsibilities they have to treat pain in all individuals, including those with drug abuse history.
It's the result of unrelieved obstructed labor-the kind of labor that if a woman was giving birth in the United States or another industrialized developed country would likely have a C-section, and she wouldn't end up with a fistula.
She is known for her scientific inquiries into the biological effects of unrelieved pain and stress on cancer resistance and immune function.
Other tip-offs to fibromyalgia indude cognitive problems, pain unrelieved by changing the body's position, or the complaint that a specific activity had consequences.
After 101 days of almost unrelieved misery in 13 matches and three separate cricket formats across eight Australian cities, the tour was, mercifully, over.