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Synonyms for unrelieved

Synonyms for unrelieved

not lessened or diminished


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Patients with unrelieved pain will resort to behaviors such as "clock-watching" and will even resort to deception to get relief.
5) Unrelieved pain also lessens the ability to cough or breathe deeply, and affects patient mobility, resulting in complications such as atelectasis, pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus.
In the case of St Fagans village, surely the green buffer zone should be fully as wide as it is at present; otherwise, Cardiff will become one continuous urban sprawl, unrelieved by any such attractive green spaces.
Spot milk sales and retail dairy product sales are most likely under transaction governance Mode B--where a competitive market without credible contractual safeguards may expose members investments to unrelieved hazards.
The pouches beneath my eyes are now unrelieved by sleep.
The patient returned to the hospital in April, May, and June with continuing complaints that included unrelieved constipation.
The decline and fall of Safavid Iran is traditionally seen as the natural outcome of the unrelieved political stagnation and moral degeneration that characterised late Safavid Iran.
Skill-based interventions focused on changes in the ways in which patients interpret pain, while educational approaches provided instruction on how to better use medications or helped patients more effectively communicate with clinicians about their unrelieved pain.
Sean Price Williams' grainy, monochrome 16mm camerawork imparts a bleak beauty to the unrelieved sameness of the siblings' odyssey and lends particular potency to the rug-pulling finale.
In addition, the public's confidence in the economy seems to be firming up, resulting in a lifting in confidence after four years of almost unrelieved negativity.
But to see the building from Broadway and 72nd Street, looking south, is to encounter what looks like an uninflected monolith of almost unrelieved dullness.
The brutal reality for some is that their family is the most dangerous place in the world - it is the place where abuse goes unnoticed and unrelieved.
Prolonged unrelieved pressure can lead to the development of necrotic tissue and pressure sore formation.
Severe abdominal pain, unrelieved by morphine, is unusual post laparoscopy (Rasanayagam & Harrison 1996).
For arts and cultural organizations in Massachusetts, the recent recession might easily have become a season of unrelieved gloom.