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He said the company had no immediate plans to sell its Eggborough coal-fired station in North Yorkshire, saying it helps to offset the impact of unreliability of some of the group's nuclear stations.
The unreliability of information lay at the heart of the three video works by Omer Fast, born in Israel and now living in Berlin.
Shop owners in Dundee are fed up with the unreliability of many paper boys and girls.
Another technical flaw worth complaining about is the unreliability of the index which is totally inadequate for thorough searching.
Unfortunately, designers of most offices, industrial processes and residential appliances have failed to keep up with recent advances that have dramatically cut their size, cost, weight, inefficiencies and unreliability, says Ralph J.
Proceedings were stayed by a district judge earlier this year due to the perceived unreliability of a witness.
So, we have real evidence about the unreliability of current wind turbines.
"Let us not assume that words for the time of day such as afternoon and evening have the same meaning" and phrases such as "child" or "youngsters" should be discouraged by forces because they could have connotations of experiencing impetuosity and unreliability or even dishonesty.
At least Birmingham Airport is consistent in its unreliability, - congratulations.
Such increases will be inevitable due to the huge subsidies we will have to pay to the turbine developers and land owners, and also due to the inefficiency and unreliability of these massive white elephants!
He had intended the book to detail the unreliability of the Gospel records and the impossibility of the Resurrection.
Given the overcrowded state of the storage market, most competing products are indistinguishable to the customer's naked eye, and the perception of unreliability spreads beyond its intended target to stain the entire market space, including the accuser.
economic recession, the Edsel's unappealing name, poor marketing, unreliability, unappealing design and another of potential explanations for the car's poor performance in the market.