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Table 2 shows that the bonding energy of the unrelaxed interface is smaller than that of the relaxed one, indicating that the relaxed interface is more stable.
As the unrelaxed [E.sup.KH.sub.U] (T), the temperature dependence E (T) in the well-annealed Zr-CG sample [17] was used in (29).
Stress relaxation test parameters: [C.sub.1], [C.sub.2], and [C.sub.3], decay force of Maxwell model; [[tau].sub.1], [[tau].sub.2], and [[tau].sub.3], relaxation times of the Maxwell model; [[sigma].sub.e], the residual modulus that remained unrelaxed. Alveograph parameter at adapted hydration: T, maximum overpressure.
The final step then implies that ([[??].sup.H], [[??].sup.L]) is, in fact, an optimum for the unrelaxed problem.
In some cases larvae were relaxed in a 1:1 solution of seawater/0.37 mol [l.sup.-l] MgC[l.sub.2] to prevent muscle contraction during observations, but in others unrelaxed larvae were observed to rule out the possibility that MgC[l.sub.2] affected ciliary structure (i.e., simple vs.
From a British perspective at least, ceramics from Germany still have a stiff and unrelaxed image, in which creativity has been stifled by an emphasis on technical precision.
Then, we will check that this solution is also feasible in the unrelaxed problem.
Whereas in proficiency training the goal is fluent performance of overt behavior and instruction in covert observation and discrimination of interoceptive, proprioceptive, kinesthetic stimuli produced by performance of overt relaxed or unrelaxed behavior.
[[tau].sub.U] represents the high frequency, unrelaxed state, while [[tau].sub.R] represents the low frequency, relaxed state.
in which [[epsilon].sub.[infinity]] is the unrelaxed dielectric permittivity or the high frequency permittivity, [DELTA][epsilon] is the dielectric relaxation strength, [[tau].sub.HN] is the relaxation time, and [[alpha].sub.HN] and [[beta].sub.HN] are the Havriliak-Negami parameters, respectively, describing the symmetric and asymmetric broadening of the relaxation time distribution function.
In this study, the authors observed an unrelaxed ground-state intermediate in pump-probe signals by means of pump-dump probe spectroscopy [12].
Natural, unrelaxed hair has been growing in popularity, says Chapman, and curly hair has become a major topic of discussion between the industry and consumers.
It is a fairly unrelaxed occasion which passes swiftly.
He has been described as "introverted and unrelaxed" (Sellers 1957, 276), a "loner" (Leonard 2001, 43), and "grim and humorless" (Haynes 2006, 80).
And I'm so unrelaxed at the moment," the Mirror quoted her as saying.