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Synonyms for unrelated

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lacking a logical or causal relation

not connected by kinship


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But these two subjects had been unrelated. Between the two memory compartments there had been no connection.
This was the time when everything that happened, everything he heard, casual words, unrelated phrases, seemed a provocation or an encouragement, confirmed him in his resolution.
Unrelated men give little joy to each other, will never suspect the latent powers of each.
An unhappy, homeless couch, accompanied by two unrelated chairs, stood in the open.
The unrelated organism bearing that label, walking, breathing, wearing these clothes, was of no importance to anyone, unless maybe to the landlady.
However, a study has found that in-stores mobile phone usage that is unrelated to shopping may be associated with an increase in unplanned purchases.
For Tax Year 2012, tax-exempt organizations reported $12.0 billion in gross unrelated business income, a 6-percent increase from Tax Year 2011.
Design/ methodology/ approach: Using a sample of large companies listed in the Bombay stock exchange, unrelated diversification index based on entropy measure is calculated.
2013-29, which allows taxpayers to defer income from the sale of gift cards or gift certificates redeemable by an unrelated entity until the cards or certificates are redeemed for goods and services by that entity.
The Court of Appeal has ruled that foster carers who look after young family members should be entitled to all the support and benefits that unrelated foster carers receive.
Survival rates have increased significantly among patients who received blood stem cell transplants from both related and unrelated donors.
WORCESTER - The state's highest court has vacated a lower court ruling that upheld cease-and-desist orders issued by the city in 2009 to landlords who leased rental units to groups of four unrelated college students.
Summary: A prominent Lebanese organ transplant surgeon is facing charges of ethical misconduct for using unrelated living organ donors in three studies that were retracted from an international medical journal earlier this month.
Antibodies taken from rabbits can improve the survival rates of leukemia and myelodysplasia patients who are receiving stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor.