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Synonyms for unrehearsed

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for unrehearsed

with little or no preparation or forethought

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Her fast-paced account gives a bird's eye view of the strategic thinking and meticulous planning that undergird Lanier's seemingly unrehearsed performances in court, and of the well-oiled machine of lawyers and assistants that back his every move.
Largely improvised and unrehearsed, the pic has a winning freshness culminating in a lovely sequence that captures the joys of connecting with a fellow spirit.
When the crowd chanted at the empty stage for "one more tune", the Aberdonian returned to sing her unrehearsed, yet spine-tingling, Cloud.
The accompanying DVD demonstrates the protocols with eight examples of unscripted and unrehearsed conversations.
Although practice improved game performance, the skills learned did not transfer to unrehearsed mental tasks.
Anyway, they're promising an evening of explicit humour, good-natured joshing and unplanned, unrehearsed, un-scripted, unlikely topical discussion which will be available as a free podcast the next morning.
Price was clearly enjoying himself, throwing in unrehearsed material, leaving the band exchanging glances, wondering what was coming next, before rising to every challenge.
The event I endured wasn't just under rehearsed, it seemed completely unrehearsed.
Robert's best friend Eddie Cochrane, with whom he worked in Iraq, gave a moving, unrehearsed tribute.
I was lucky enough to be there and even luckier to sing with Anthony (my cousin) - to a couple of Style Council numbers - unrehearsed as usual!
Air Exercise (AIREX) 2007, an unrehearsed, full-scale aircraft incident drill, is to be carried out at Los Angeles/Ontario International Airport on 4 April.
It's a reference to the Democratic Convention of 1948, when Harry Truman gave a feisty off-the-cuff speech in which he promised to call legislators back to Washington on "the 26th of July, which out in Missouri we call Turnip Day." For Klein, 2this unexpected, unrehearsed mention of the deadline for sowing turnips in Missouri (it's actually the 25th of July, for those who might be tempted to procrastinate) is "an appropriately inelegant shorthand for everything I love about politics?
The original source material for Keys to the Divine Kingdom is Kabbani's oral presentations, which were unrehearsed and entirely from the heart and soul.
They sought unrehearsed and chance encounters, and this not only meant seeking out new materials but also siting them in unusual places.
The inaugural performance was a spontaneous, unrehearsed benefit for an African-American lez/bi support group.