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not reformed morally or spiritually

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According to Ciena, its 6500 Packet-Optical Platform leveraged in this deployment has the ability to support 100GE services in addition to unregenerated 100G wavelengths over distances of 1400 kilometres on GTS' transport network.
Measurements of our specimen were: snout-vent length, 100 mm; length of head, 32 mm; width of head, 14 mm; and length of unregenerated tail, 237 mm.
As already noted, Luther argued that since the fall all unregenerated human beings are enemies of God who cannot obey God's will and fulfill the law.
Listen hard enough and you may even spot an unregenerated Splott vowel in Shirley Bassey's soaring lyrics.
During regeneration, lamellae are smaller, and once fully regenerated they remain different in size and shape from unregenerated lamellae (Parvin and Cook 1968; Baker and Dixon 1986).
But that was a fallacy, and the students have the evidence -the corruption of the party, which is what has resulted from China's unholy marriage between market reform and an unregenerated, closed political system.