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not exhibiting or characterized by careful thought

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Both Dorothy and Austen for Galperin register commonplace encounters and tasks with an unreflective eye and an intellectual horizon marked by a lack of distance, too fully absorbed and immersed in the details of the local world.
Unreflective standards left underground long to be exposed to
Bees needed an advantage from the last race to salvage a point, but it was never really on as Lindgren made a good start to lead Harris, although Garrity deserved more than to be overhauled by Thorssell going into the last lap for a final score unreflective of the meeting.
"Without this clarity, your responses may be reactive, unreflective and potentially damaging to you and to others."
Rather, I'm arguing that we shouldn't equate tolerance for people of any background with an unreflective tolerance for religious ideas and beliefs, which is a disservice to all throughout the world who are experiencing emotional and physical distress and oppression because of religious ideologies.
Eigenberger and Sealander (2001) developed the student anti-intellectualism scale (SAIS) that consists of items that measure 1) unreflective instrumentalism (a preference for practicality over critical thinking/deep analysis), 2) consumer entitlement (i.e.
The sun is harsh and making mirrors of unreflective surfaces.
McLaurin's casual description of the violence, and his own part in it, is chillingly unreflective. Curr is equally unreflective but one suspects far more circumspect.
Unlike traditional political science ontology, the mimetic perspective highlights neither individuals nor groups, but "doubles," or "mimetic twins." According to this perspective, in order to grasp the fundamental rationales of political processes, we need to concentrate on the distinctive propensity of either individuals or groups to engage in mimetic contests resulting from their unreflective disposition to imitate each other's desire.
"We take such responsibilities extremely seriously and these findings were entirely unreflective of the integrity and values of our firm.
It is "unreflective of the turmoil that many Filipinos experience in their social and economic lives," Beltran said.
Researchers seeking a more nuanced approach to the relationship between the media's role in the construction and dissemination of moral panics discourse and real-world effects may be disappointed, however, by some of the unreflective commentary scattered throughout the collection, which aligns itself with predetermined media dynamics and the saturation model of media effects.
The text is studded with startling and apparently unreflective assumptions; what, for example, does one make of the claim that Eisenhower "transformed" the nuclear bomb into "an instrument of national destiny" employed in the "cause of liberty, equality, justice, and peace" (121)?
In Chapter 3, Lynch claims that the skeptical challenge posed by the Pyrrhonist Sextus Empiricus (who, by the way, was not an ancient Roman writer, contrary to Lynch's characterization) does not concern unreflective or animal knowledge, but our ability to defend our beliefs publicly by means of objective reasons.