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(especially of incident sound or light) not turned back by physical reflection


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Moral is the unreflected existence of norms and rules of conduct based on tradition, custom and belief.
It was in these moments that we processed our experience, knowing full well that experiences unreflected upon can be so dehumanizing.
(10) The unreflected act must be differentiated "from the subsequent, or secondary, operation whereby a reflecting consciousness comes to bear in an objective way upon the unreflective or pre-reflective consciousness." (11) The reflective consciousness intends in a positional manner the pre-reflective consciousness (pre-reflective consciousness intends in a positional manner same object other than itself, but both levels are non-positionally self-aware).
Object 1 is "unreflected, situationally given 'raw material'" (Engestrom, 2001, p.
Competent political control implies that the weight of discourses in the polity ought to be the product of authentic deliberation rather than of initial and unreflected judgements.
Like Cuomo, many feminists have recognized war as a constant and general undertone in society, "white noise in the background of social existence," which sometimes moves closer to our collective consciousness and sometimes remains an unreflected given.
Since many international nurses are accustomed to more automomous roles in community based health services in their countries of origin (Smith et al 2011) adapting to, what seems to them, unreflected routine is difficult.
The reason is rather straightforward: by all observations there is a remarkable amount of cash in circulation but it is hardly captured in the conventional channels, and most important, it is also largely unreflected by the commercial banking sector.
The uncanny adaptation of these forms in media outside the norm or inscribed in ways that highlight symbolic linkages usually unreflected upon, force an intensified experience of the quotidian.
The object of phenomenological analysis is, for Henry, this immanent, invisible, and unreflected ground, which makes possible every feeling and every experience.
Other dreams encourage the dreamer to break any identification with them, and to objectify them as other in order to allow dialogue through, for example, active imagination; from identification to relationship, "progression from an unreflected identification with their imagos to a reflected relation to them" (Kugler, 1993).
Still, we make our way and render unto Caesar, paying out numbers unreflected in this year's Salary Survey (starting on page 40).
And this is even more surprising vis-a-vis the fact that it is probably fairly unproblematic that most scientists could not give a coherent account of the notion of a law of nature, whereas the unreflected use of analogical arguments actually does harm.