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  • verb

Synonyms for unreel

to cause (a line) to become longer and less taut

Synonyms for unreel

unwind from or as if from a reel


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Tether unreeling and camera image trigger events during the mission have to be scheduled, with a timing accuracy of 100 ms.
Aashayein can be described as emotionally unrealistic, unreeling at a very slow space.
For instance, EU duties of 2.2% on washing, bleaching, dressing, finishing or dyeing machines; plant for reeling, unreeling, folding, cutting or pinking textile fabrics; and machines manufacturing linoleum or other floor coverings will go.
Maybe it could be something to remember her by when she was gone, that story, that videotape unreeling in his mind.
is unreeling year two of "Attack of the B Movies," a weekly double feature of the "best of the worst" horror movies ever made.
It can be very discouraging to look back while on the road and see the Sentinel's data cable reel unreeling. Before hitting the road, make sure all cable reel straps are fastened and the cable reel nuts are tightly locked.
On Sullivan's deft watch, Hare's you-are-there unreeling of real (and imagined) recent history was craftily placed on a landing-strip stage with audience spread along two opposite sides--banks of citizens monitoring one another's reactions to a complex, relentless march of events that progressed so smoothly it felt like a glide.
The hisses and crackles of the old radio was what gave it magic - for behind that background static, history was unreeling into our living rooms.
Reeling and unreeling of rolled wire is worth special mentioning.
A ghetto blaster provides a steady stream of the latest Mauritanian, African and even Hindi music until thankfully it jams and two of the men spend hours unreeling the cassette tape, sparing our ears.
Rather than simply filming the wall, she has converted the wall into film, each one of its innumerable successive concrete slabs functioning as yet another frame in an interminable unreeling. There is little else to see but the wall, and a bit of sky and the barren earth.
It features a strong reel-back action and a double safety clip to stop accidental unreeling of keys.
Poignant, then, to see the flower-covered coffin beside the ground he had once illuminated with his skills, especially when his face filled a giant screen in one corner, his life unreeling up there, his greatest moments captured for ever.
It is this dramatic voice that the Nobel committee honored in 1904, recognizing Mistral as a "venerable old man [who] is younger than most poets of our time." Moreover, the committee saluted Mistral for "linking together the episodes of the story and unreeling before our eyes all Provence with its scenery, its memories, its ancient customs, and the daily life of its inhabitants.
The play ends with Dimetos, apparently quite mad, unreeling a sort of fairy tale inspired by a Camus line: "Once upon a time there was a man who dreamt he was a horse."