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  • verb

Synonyms for unreel

to cause (a line) to become longer and less taut

Synonyms for unreel

unwind from or as if from a reel


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Buzz was bemoaning the state of mobile carrier customer service, when the guy on the next bar stool unreeled this horror story.
But the daring use of perspective and shading, the radical placement of word balloons and captions, and above all the integration of narrative and picture by means of artfully disarranged, dislocated panels that stretched, shrank, opened into circles, spread across two full pages, marched diagonally toward one corner of a page, unreeled themselves like the frames of a film--all these were made possible only by the full collaboration of writer and artist together.
The pipe is then unreeled from the boat to the sea floor, before spool tie-ins between the well-heads and the manifolds take place to complete the construction project.
And it's hard to detect leaks at the connections because the hoses must be completely unreeled in order to check the connections.
Forget cuts, actually sounds like the tape unreeled itself to the floor, then the melody maker god came and rewound.
posters as the Green Party candidate unreeled one of his trademark stemwinders.
The two laminates are unreeled into a thermoforming mould and the sticks inserted into each cavity before the final mixture is filled hot.
The birds dive for bait as the long lines, often containing several thousand hooks, are unreeled from the high seas fishing boats.
A machine can be parked in the most out-of-the-way spot available; air lance and vacuum hoses are unreeled to the excavation location.
Paper unreeled at one end passed straight through printing cylinders to a folder Streamlined and speedy, the press required less power, dispensed with angle bars, reduced the chance for web breaks and could be built in multiple tiers.
Amy Bloom's first book, Come to Me, calmly unreeled a more middle-of-the-road world in which lives turn unexpectedly through passion or circumstance - a just-widowed woman, grief-weakened, finds herself in bed with her teenage stepson; a boy is bewildered when an accidental shooting delivers him into a life better than he feels he deserves.
25, the crew had unreeled the shoelace-thin cord to 19.7 km, nearly its full length.
While their daughters played, the mothers unreeled stories of their high schools; then they drifted to recalling their grandparents.
To avoid air bubbles I unreeled only a little of this film at a time, pressing it firmly into place with a roller.
WITH SO many teleseryes now being unreeled on local TV, scriptwriters are hard pressed to come up with exciting and eventful twists and turns to keep viewers avidly watching.