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insusceptible of reform

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One might argue that it is precisely their unredeemable tendencies that give the writers under scrutiny here their force, that, say, Burroughs really is as homophobic and misogynistic as his texts would lead a reader to see, or that Acker really is a plagiarist or a fraud; and our task is not to capture these facets of their profiles for political uses but to recognize how hard they are to absorb, how much they really do resist turning unpleasant work to our advantage as enlightened readers, scholarly or otherwise.
Auden had even once written a letter asking Tolkien if the notion that an entire race was irredeemably wicked was not heretical, and Tolkien responded as follows: "We believe that, I suppose, of all human kinds and sorts and breeds, though some appear, both as individuals and groups to be, by us at any rate, unredeemable" (Letters 355).
Some overriding harmony that doesn't explain or make amends for the senseless suffering of humanity, the unredeemable pain of all life on the planet.
The matter was not helped when the BBC remarked that Malle's Calcutta did not portray India as "unredeemable as such".
He is believed to have targeted the gaming area of the casino inside the complex, stolen millions of pesos in gambling chips (unredeemable outside the casino), forced himself into a room on the fifth floor of an adjoining hotel, then doused himself with gasoline, set himself on fire, and shot himself.
It is the dream of the "great reversal." To paraphrase the historian Susan Juster, apocalyptic prophets in America, like Joseph Smith, were "filled with holy indignation over what they saw to be the unredeemable corruption of the [American] political and economic order, an order that consigned the mass of ordinary [farmers] and laborers to poverty, political invisibility, and social humiliation....
Without these distinctions the horror of what the Soviets and the Nazis did in Central and Eastern Europe remains incomprehensible and unredeemable. It was "the milk of human kindness," so hard to come by in hard times, that allowed some members of the Szer family to live and survive.
He explores traditional and modernist vocabularies of violence, scapegoating and sacrifice, but profoundly transforms them for his unique agenda of representing the unredeemable quality of modern historical delusions, from the myth of palingenetic war, to Fascist, as well as Communist, attempts to "correct" life with ideology.
Anticipating Kahil Gibran Muhammad's findings in The Condemnation of Blackness (2010), Manion demonstrates that Philadelphia's reformers believed that, unlike immigrant and native-born youth, blacks were unredeemable. "Criminality," she writes, "...
"She's incredibly flawed and almost unredeemable In some scenarios but when you read her, see her, you get this feeling like you know her.
She often comes off as whiny with unredeemable qualities, which makes her relationship with Pax even more unlikely.
With nearly 25 per cent of the fines rendered unredeemable, such fines cost a significant percentage of revenue for car rental firms."
But for all her guts and valor, and for all her unredeemable venality (and she is especially refreshing after the goody-goody heroines who persuaded the wrongdoing man to go to jail and 'pay his debt to society'), she hadn't a soul she could call her own.