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Synonyms for unrecoverable

incapable of being recovered or regained


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71% increase in unrecoverable taxes last year was audits
Nipponkoa reported an unconsolidated net profit of 10.27 billion yen, up 139.0%, partly because the collection of accounts receivable enabled the company to withdraw funds from reserves for unrecoverable accounts for addition to net profit.
For ultimate security, Window Washer repeatedly overwrites old data to make it completely unrecoverable.
The loss in the April-September period also resulted from a rise in extraordinary losses including restructuring expenses and an increase in reserves for unrecoverable accounts, Mizuno said.
We took a hit of pounds 250,000 in unrecoverable losses.
Nippon Revival Service, which will acquire debts or equities of debtor companies deemed competent in their core businesses and capable of recovering, will seek cooperation with RCC in disposal of collateral offered by unrecoverable debtors and other areas.
Presiding Judge Yoichi Sato said in handing down the ruling, ''The former executives could have easily predicted the risk that such speculative loans could become unrecoverable. It is clear that they have failed to perform their duties.''
According to the suit, the former management extended loans totaling about 5.1 billion yen to the union's affiliated golf course operator Koma Kaihatsu from September 1997 through March 1999 with knowledge the loans would be unrecoverable.
He was then a senior managing director at LTCB and the loans later became unrecoverable.
The government plans to dispose of about 97 billion yen in unrecoverable housing loans extended by the Government Pension Investment Fund by asking private banks that guaranteed them to assume payment, a senior government official said Monday.
said Monday its subsidiary Asahi Bank fears that 14.9 billion yen in loans to Sato Kogyo may become unrecoverable or take time for recovery.