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actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing


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It was within a week of the close of the month of July, that a hackney cabriolet, number unrecorded, was seen to proceed at a rapid pace up Goswell Street; three people were squeezed into it besides the driver, who sat in his own particular little dickey at the side; over the apron were hung two shawls, belonging to two small vixenish-looking ladies under the apron; between whom, compressed into a very small compass, was stowed away, a gentleman of heavy and subdued demeanour, who, whenever he ventured to make an observation, was snapped up short by one of the vixenish ladies before-mentioned.
Now to the historical, for as Madam Mina write not in her stenography, I must, in my cumbrous old fashion, that so each day of us may not go unrecorded.
Despair upon despair, misery upon misery, fear after fear, each causing their distinct and separate woe, packed in upon me for an unrecorded length of time, until at last they blurred together, and I heard a click in my brain like the click in the ear when one descends in a diving bell, and I knew that the pressures were equalised within and without, and that, for the moment, the worst was at an end.
A document available with The Nation revealed that hundreds of properties remained unassessed and unrecorded to unduly favour tax evaders.
A search for unrecorded liabilities is a fundamental, almost universally applied procedure in all audits.
It estimated that more than 2,800 violent crimes may be going unrecorded each year, as only 82.
95 billion of the figure represented unrecorded 'Saro releases in prior years taken up in books in 2017,' referring to special allotment release orders.
Site investigation works at the former Ruchill Hospital site in Glasgow to be carried out to better define unrecorded workings in the Glasgow Shale Coal and provide more robust confidence as to the presence or otherwise of unrecorded workings in the Knightswood Gas Coal.
MORE than 2,000 crimes are going unrecorded every day, including a quarter of sex attacks and a third of assaults, says the police watchdog.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The death toll in a disastrous mine accident in Soma, a town in Manisa province, is greater than the 301 announced by state officials, Selcuk Kozay-acly, chairman of the Progressive Lawyers' Association (EcHD), claimed on June 10, adding that at least 50 dead miners were buried unrecorded.
AS many as 20% of crimes across England and Wales may be going unrecorded, a new report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has revealed.
A FIFTH of crimes - equivalent to tens of thousands of offences - could be going unrecorded by police, a damning report has found.
He comments that the diplomats, all over the world, are must having a hard time to have the things they said and written remain unrecorded, especially when it is a matter of exercising pressure, as they want to avoid assuming responsibility.
With a back catalogue going all the way to 1977, there was no room for fillers on the Belfast legends' setlist, with newer, unrecorded tracks Liar's Club and Trail Of Tears more than holding their own with classics like At The Edge.