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actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing


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It was within a week of the close of the month of July, that a hackney cabriolet, number unrecorded, was seen to proceed at a rapid pace up Goswell Street; three people were squeezed into it besides the driver, who sat in his own particular little dickey at the side; over the apron were hung two shawls, belonging to two small vixenish-looking ladies under the apron; between whom, compressed into a very small compass, was stowed away, a gentleman of heavy and subdued demeanour, who, whenever he ventured to make an observation, was snapped up short by one of the vixenish ladies before-mentioned.
Now to the historical, for as Madam Mina write not in her stenography, I must, in my cumbrous old fashion, that so each day of us may not go unrecorded.
Despair upon despair, misery upon misery, fear after fear, each causing their distinct and separate woe, packed in upon me for an unrecorded length of time, until at last they blurred together, and I heard a click in my brain like the click in the ear when one descends in a diving bell, and I knew that the pressures were equalised within and without, and that, for the moment, the worst was at an end.
Moreover, the city should 'enjoin the City Accountant to constantly follow-up with the City Treasurer's Office and the bank regarding unrecorded transactions.'
The Munich-based Ifo Institute for Economic Research, citing its index, said it dropped from 97.3 points in June to 95.7 in July, a decline unrecorded since 2013.
These liabilities include unrecorded disbursements (P345.94 million), borrowings from unimplemented projects (P95.41 million), borrowings from savings from 20 percent of the city's development fund (P18.51 million), and the net difference of intra-agency accounts (P247.15 million).
She was just one of the estimated 468 homeless people to have died in the last year and whose deaths, shockingly, went officially unrecorded.
In a country where many business transactions remain unrecorded and assuming that the practice of cash payments implies evading the tax net, I am curious whether the management of this particular restaurant records its income and pays taxes.
In addition, it refers to "substantial" child sexual exploitation as well as previously unrecorded sex offences which the inquiry is expected to uncover.
Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad nominated Thomas to replace Mohamed Apandi, 68, who was given 30 days unrecorded leave from May 15, 2018.
A document available with The Nation revealed that hundreds of properties remained unassessed and unrecorded to unduly favour tax evaders.
A search for unrecorded liabilities is a fundamental, almost universally applied procedure in all audits.
No incidence of disease, no matter how remote the location, shall remain unrecorded' UN said.
Its investigations, which included laser void surveys and the use of an underground camera, revealed unrecorded coal mine workings dating back around 120 years.