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actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing


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(Horton 2009) Well over 100 languages are spoken in the region, the majority of them by very small ethnic groups, and hence unrecordable on any save the most detailed maps.
Thirdly, there has been a change in human consciousness: the emergence of what Manuel Castells calls 'the networked individual' - an expansion of the space and power of individual human beings and a change in the way they think; a change in the rate of change of ideas; an expansion of available knowledge; and a massive, almost unrecordable, revolution in culture.
This interstitial space becomes ultimately terrifying, perhaps because it is unrecordable and thus unknowable.
Something like the soft, scratchy noises between notes of a song, those furtive and fugitive sharps and flats in their distant room tones, the dirt and lint and grainy imperfections in photography and video, all that unrecordable, disposable, ambiguous twilight-zone beauty: that's what we lose.
He was acutely unwell with a Glasgow Coma Score of 7/15, central cyanosis and unrecordable blood pressure.
But B also had an unrecordable claim that O's deed to him was erroneously drafted and should be reformed to include a strip of land embraced in the prior deed to A.
P3 was unrecordable in 7 and latency was prolonged in 8 out of 33 patients.
defribrination coagulopathy occurred (fibrinogen <0.5g/1 or unrecordable prothrombin time/ international normalised ratio (INR) if the fibrinogen was not measured), and
But she glares at me and I go back to recording the unrecordable,
The anonymous, those without a state-name, those who have had the anonymity of an unrecorded and unrecordable name imposed upon them, are speaking.
A decade previously, Americans took imminent nuclear annihilation so much for granted that Tom Lehrer wrote a bestselling song about it, one that present-day ethnic sensibilities would render unrecordable: We will all go together when we go, Every Hottentot and every Eskimo.
(104) The Society does not reveal to its reader that the doctors "found no other case of a patient with such a low haemoglobin who has survived without a transfusion of blood or artificial oxygen-carrying substances." (105) Nor does the Society make note that the doctors credited her survival not to just their own savvy, but also the fact that "women can withstand haemorrhage better in the early postpartum period." (106) Moreoever, the Society omits that her blood pressure became unrecordable several times, the medicine to increase her blood pressure caused severe hypernataemia (too much sodium in one's blood), bile leaked into the woman's abdomen, she developed oedema of the hands and forearms requiring diuretic therapy, or that she developed a chest infection.
Thus dance can be used to demonstrate how symbolisation arises from a need to record the seemingly unrecordable. Once symbols exist they can be used to communicate to others who hold the same codes, and also to create new objects through the internal rules of manipulation for those symbols.
These errors make the instrument unrecordable in the county clerk/ register's office, thereby preventing deeds and mortgages signed by power from being recorded.