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adhering to an attitude or position widely held to be outmoded

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The entrance is unreconstructed Ab Fab but the Missonis have turned their designer attentions to everything, from the coffee cups to the sheets.
GINGER McCAIN will freely admit to being unreconstructed, but his remarks on the race that made his name could only have come from the man who trained Red Rum.
Recognized as one of the great Arabic-language poets in living memory, he was also an unreconstructed nationalist with a long record of critically minded activism within Yasser Arafat's PLO
Early on he mentions the recent films about the Civil Rights movement and how they reinforce the image most Americans have of the state as backward, racist and totally unreconstructed.
Strip away the PR and the spin and they are unreconstructed in their attitudes.
The First Party of Latvia is an utterly hopeless case, what with its rabid bigotry and the fact that its leader is an unreconstructed high school jock with all of the sense and sensibility of same, but even it has a few sensible politicians somewhere in the mix.
It cannot go unnoticed that the best performing council in the Tees Valley is Stockton, the only council not controlled by unreconstructed Labour dinosaurs but by a coalition of enlightened Labour and Conservative councillors whose sole aim is to improve the borough and its facilities.
But it's the same old Tory party, unreconstructed, divided and in total disarray.
The district has sent no similarly unreconstructed firebrand to Washington since, but in voters' penchant for candidates who are unafraid to flaunt political orthodoxy, an echo of Rev.
Against this dismal economic backdrop, it should have come as no surprise that unreconstructed populists would win presidential elections this year in Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.
For Sorell, it is "innocent Cartesianism": the (often unwitting) reinterpretations and revisions of Descartes's thought--repudiations of some but not all of unreconstructed Cartesianism--which can be found in contemporary philosophy.
Hang on a bit lads" - Ron Atkinson, the so-called unreconstructed football manager.
Even countries run by unreconstructed leftists seem to be in a bubble of prosperity unlikely to pop soon.
Scully's heritage--the unreconstructed abstraction of the Cedar Tavern crowd--is evident in his visceral application of paint; it erupts and crashes, streaks and lumbers.
THE instant Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters raged down Canal Street, New Orleans' main drag, the tongues of the assorted doomsayers, fringe bloggers, fire-and-brimstone fundamentalists, unreconstructed Nazis and Klan members, leftists, black activists, loonies and even some in the mainstream media wagged furiously.