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Antonyms for unreconstructed

adhering to an attitude or position widely held to be outmoded

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"And the risk is actually that we have a Brexit followed by, I'm afraid, an unreconstructed leftist programme from Labour, and if you combine those two things together in my view we will be in a very serious situation as a country."
e old Cherokee was always a bit of an unreconstructed redneck, but big-hearted, honest fun nevertheless.
AT some point in this week's nonsense (Celebrity Big Brother, Channel 5, all week), the all-knowing, all-wise Nadia Sawalha told a fellow inmate: "It's a bloody game!" Ha, this is the woman who wanted to call the police when unreconstructed dinosaur Ken Morley "confessed" that he was fond of looking at the backsides of the female housemates in the communal bathroom.
Eddlem's background, as I would guess he in an unreconstructed Southerner.
He has hit out at the "unreconstructed Stalinists" on the region's transport authority as they prepare for London-style bus powers.
most recent book is Unreconstructed: Poems Selected and New (Autumn
So if the oestrogen level gets a bit high round mine it's good to know that there's this haven of unabashed, non-exfoliating, 'leave-the-toilet-seat-up-and-to-hell-with-it' unreconstructed maledom to seek solace inside.
TO READ the Examiner Mailbag anyone would think Kirklees councillors are a bunch of unreconstructed Thatcherites determined to slash services at the merest whim.
Die Hard 4.0 Channel 4, tonight, 9.15pm Bruce Willis returns as unreconstructed macho cop John McClane on the trail of a computer hacker suspected of sabotaging the FBI network, but the wise-cracking hero soon stumbles on a far bigger crime.
The entrance is unreconstructed Ab Fab but the Missonis have turned their designer attentions to everything, from the coffee cups to the sheets.
GINGER McCAIN will freely admit to being unreconstructed, but his remarks on the race that made his name could only have come from the man who trained Red Rum.
Recognized as one of the great Arabic-language poets in living memory, he was also an unreconstructed nationalist with a long record of critically minded activism within Yasser Arafat's PLO
Early on he mentions the recent films about the Civil Rights movement and how they reinforce the image most Americans have of the state as backward, racist and totally unreconstructed. Through interviews with a wide variety of people, usually on the subject of the trial or of what they remember of the climate of the 1960s, MacLean tries to give a more nuanced view of the diversity of people and opinions across Mississippi.
Strip away the PR and the spin and they are unreconstructed in their attitudes."
The First Party of Latvia is an utterly hopeless case, what with its rabid bigotry and the fact that its leader is an unreconstructed high school jock with all of the sense and sensibility of same, but even it has a few sensible politicians somewhere in the mix.