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not made consistent or compatible

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According to COA, the unreconciled balance pertains to collections and remittances from 2014 to 2018.
The remittance account's unreconciled to date, he said, had been substantially reduced and the amounts stand at P870 million for payments and P10.75 billion for receipts.
Until that time, they are all on a pile, unreconciled and that is how we will have to live through events in the following months, concludes Dimovska.
If we stay unreconciled, it is like we are living in hell.
Gen Votel also told the committee that the 'enduring tension between the nuclear powers of India and Pakistan remains unreconciled' and militants operating out of remote areas in Pakistan continue to threaten Afghanistan and India.
A revealing document about the unreconciled trauma haunting Cambodians today, Angkar is also a personal and poetic piece in the shape of a conversation between the 36-year-old filmmaker and her father.
According to the NEITI 2015 Oil and Gas Industry Audit Report, a copy of which was obtained by Nigerian Tribune in Abuja, the total outstanding revenue from the sector as at 2015 was $3.7 billion and N80 billion, while losses incurred stood at $2.2 billion and N60 billion, and unreconciled revenues amounted to N317 billion.
18 uses two different sets of principles that are left unreconciled in the text.
The impulse driving the Brexiteers is the same one former US Secretary of State Dean Acheson highlighted in 1962, when he declared, "Great Britain has lost an empire and has not yet found a role." The writer Edmund Wilson expressed it, too, when he said that the British elite was "completely unreconciled to the post-war diminishment of Britain."
This powerful reconciliation engine quickly loads, validates, and matches transactions and identifies unreconciled (unmatched) transactions for research and resolution, typically the most time consuming exercise of daily ATM balancing activity, NCR added.
Common thresholds that organizations set include unreconciled differences and required adjustments.
But it draws much of its fire from the unreconciled differences in competing world views of the many fors and contras--a multilateral idealism for the former, a unilateral realism for the latter.
Living in fear of death contorts our lives, robbing us of Death as a great ally for how to live well “It is not death but an unlived life that should terrify us,” explains Pratt, “this becomes ever more clear with each ancestral healing.” When we understand how our unlived lives and unreconciled relationships bind us here at death, we understand what is needed to live well.
This diversity tends to be open-ended, what I would call unreconciled, rather than a harmonious and reconciled diversity.