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Synonyms for unrecompensed

contributing one's time without pay

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But with state financial shortfalls in those two years coming to a whopping $350 billion, that leaves $210 billion in unrecompensed state budget shortfalls, which the states have to make up by cutbacks or tax hikes or financial gimmicks.
11) The problems of child labor relate to exploitative labor, which is usually unpaid and unrecompensed and deprives children of any meaningful future and degrades them in every way imaginable.
He bursts, he lets himself be burst, Accepts young Vulcan's liquid fires And not unrecompensed expires.
The first is that his service, by which he delivers money, received in Milan safely and in the same amount transferred in Florence, would remain unrecompensed.
Grace" means pure unrecompensed kindness and favour.
People who are not well-off may be discouraged from standing, meaning that the Citizens' Party will not be representing the diverse population of Cardiff, but the wealthy elite who can afford to go unrecompensed for their efforts.
will still not be unrecompensed for his loss; for there will still remain to him--not his Slave--but the $500 which constituted his value.