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Synonyms for unrecognizable

Synonyms for unrecognizable

defying recognition as e

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So badly swollen was he from mosquito-bites that his face was unrecognizable, and the acceptance of his identity was largely a matter of faith.
He was unrecognizable, something quite beyond the ken of honest, ordinary revolutionists whose fiercest hatred for Diaz and his tyranny after all was only that of honest and ordinary patriots.
Jennie Garth looked unrecognizable alongside Tori Spelling in a new (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bvtk2wgHBii/) Instagram photo the "Beverly Hills, 90210" star shared with fans.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sep 22 (ANI): Rising star of Bollywood Vicky Kaushal has shared a throwback picture from his struggling days and he looks unrecognizable.
Telling stories for little children while the big around him plundered the state until it became unrecognizable! So, the top of the whole party has been accused for falsification of elections in "industrial" proportions- should we not after they get out of jail, see them once more on party meetings fighting for power?!
The bodies were shifted to hingorja hospital, doctor told that the faces of deceased were in an unrecognizable condition.
In one generation, Europe will be unrecognizable. Europeans are 'importing' young people in large numbers from the Middle East to compensate for their lifestyle choices, but that comes with a steep price.
Black experimental writing, at the level of form, advances an aesthetic of what Erica Hunt has called unrecognizable speech, Reed argues, and the hiatus of unrecognizability can spur new thought and new imaginings, especially the reimagining of collectivities and intellectual practices.
Tyler stated that the design fencing and facades will leave the substation pretty much unrecognizable. The new substation will exchange a small, outdated substation several blocks away.
Multiples recalls a complicated and sophisticated version of the old children's game of telephone wherein a message would be passed along from mouth to ear to mouth until arriving in an almost unrecognizable and frequently hilarious form.
In April, a Swiss court ordered Google to comply with privacy rules and make all images of individuals and vehicle plates unrecognizable on its Street View service, which allows users to see a ground-level panoramic view of locations on Google Maps based on still photographs taken by specially equipped vehicles.
Many were dreams that builders brought to life, customizing originals until they were nearly unrecognizable. Numerous color photos depicting all angles of the bikes are accompanied by technical specs in a book highly recommended for any library collection with motorcycle fans as patrons.
Rex's best friend Mitch witnessed the brutality done to the face of the corpse to render her unrecognizable, but he is quickly whisked out of town by his parents because they are convinced that no one will take his word against the doctor and the sheriff.
Biodegradable materials also might not break down in landfills if they went through an industrial process that left them unrecognizable to the enzymes and microbes that allow biodegradation to occur.
It is unarguable that without carefully thought out and implemented zoning ordinances, today's New York City would be unrecognizable.