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not returned in kind

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Unwanted sexual attention is physical and verbal sexual advances that are unwelcome, unreciprocated, and unpleasant to the target of the advances.
Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said that part of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's intervention at the summit was to highlight that Malaysia's move to remove trade barriers had gone unreciprocated.
Every time he tried to rekindle the relationship, it was unreciprocated and he dug a deeper and darker hole for himself.
In accordance with the sexual double standard, however, these young men all indicated a willingness to have their partner perform unreciprocated oral sex on them (Lewis and Marston, 2016).
Whether with the wisdom to empower and the compassion to share is the unreciprocated question.
Another testament to their loyalty is that they never let kindness go unreciprocated. If they are treated well, they make sure to give back by sticking by you and consistently delivering.
Was foreign minister Mangala's unreciprocated kissing of the American East Indian Nisha Biswal, the kiss of death that started the rot.
It's the sad, comical tale of an unreciprocated love that slithers into disillusion, before belatedly lurching back to implore forgiveness.
Obama's unprecedented but unreciprocated efforts to engage Iran helped convince much of the world that the obstacle to a nuclear deal lay in Tehran, not Washington.
"By and large, then, the love affair of the Jews and the Germans remained one-sided and unreciprocated," Gershom Scholem famously wrote in 1966 (1).
In its 'unreciprocated love affair with Great Britain'4 Canada has been suffering from a dull colonial dependence even in the long phase of its post-colonial history.
University of Connecticut, 1969), his unreciprocated love for the
In class, students received unreciprocated help in 44% of their interactions, the majority of which (62%) came from staff.
In its absence [of what is needed], need changes to demand (articulation), and if unsatisfied or unreciprocated, to desire.
The story of Lindsay's unreciprocated love can be found, often obliquely, in various biographies, but they overlook that Lindsay's ensuing year at Gulf Park as "poet-in-residence" was a desperate turning point in his career as he sought new creative forays into the study of cinema, the revision and expansion of his <i>Collected Poems</i>, and the cultivation of "New Poetry" through his teaching.