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Synonyms for unrealizable

not capable of happening or being done

Synonyms for unrealizable

impossible to achieve

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This is a result of the extraction of unrealizable paths explained earlier.
Moving sake into the world market or exporting it into the world market may seem like an almost unrealizable dream.
Charging Hizbullah's political adversaries with madness for staking highly adventurous unrealizable hopes to degrade his party, the deputy challenged them to toe the party line of anti-occupation resistance as the best option possible; Raad in this context criticized pointless Israeli/Palestinian Authority negotiations saying it's high time for the PA to renounce them and drop them for good.
The value proposition of the LoRa technology is convincing major industries to deploy IoT applications and services which were previously unrealizable.
your plan for twenty-six spiral stairways in your unrealizable cathedral
But theorists of both international law and international legitimacy persistently struggle to explain how such normative orders can function without collapsing back into either apology for the interests of dominant powers or appeal to controversial and unrealizable moral ideals.
Due to two significant problems present in the overall amplitude transfer characteristic of the signal pulse that causes ISI; i) flat spectrum over the range of frequencies, |f| less than B and zero elsewhere which results into physically unrealizable impulse response of the system, ii) the synchronization of the clock in the decoding sampling circuit needs to be almost perfect which results into ISI due to inaccurate synchronization [3] [5].
66m that was previously written off as unrealizable and USD 0.
As much as I love the idea of a six-pound AR carbine, in this day and age, and with any suppressor at all attached, that is an unrealizable ideal.
Keldibekov noticed that the program is unrealistic and contains unrealizable things.
The reason why we hold on to unrealizable visions of the good life is because 'the loss of what's not working is more unbearable than the having of it' (p27).
America was the place where ideas that were once considered unrealizable could now be put to the test: perhaps there was no longer any need to write about other, better worlds if one had just been discovered.
threshold of elections to the Elders' Council the party exhibited vital signs again slamming the authorities and giving unrealizable
Posting policemen in every bus and train compartment appears to be an unrealizable demand.