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Antonyms for unreactive

(chemistry) not reacting chemically

not tending to react to stimulation

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The deposits are called "scales," and the chemicals that remove them are called "descaling agents." Glyphosate was invented as a descaling agent because it binds to all sorts of minerals and makes them unreactive, stripping them from the pipes.
At the other pole were unreactive cases resembling lepromatous leprosy in showing numerous organisms in the apparent absence of all cell-mediated immune response.
If acted upon by GPx in the normal manner, hydrogen peroxide readily converts to unreactive water, thereby removing the oxidative risk.
With hard work ruined by a sleepy, unreactive, defence 22 seconds into the second half.
The hereditary material that cells must preserve at all costs, DNA is chemically unreactive, structurally inflexible, and almost immobile.
The virus can't be passed to dogs or to people, and only to other cats through a deep bite wound (he would probably be safest as an only cat).We do not know if he would get along with a dog, although he seems to be unreactive. All of his vet work has been done (vaccinations, microchip, defleaed and dewormed).
The 45 (7.2%) plasma samples from the survey that were unreactive by Wantai were tested for HEV IgM and IgG.
Surgeons tried again the next day and Bradley's parents were told this surgery had been a success, but they said he deteriorated further with his pupils becoming dilated and unreactive and his eyes began to bulge from his head.
Homogeneous Catalysis for Unreactive Bond Activation
Symptoms including ocular or periocular pain nausea and/or vomiting and an antecedent history of intermittent vision and/or haloes might be seen and conjunctival injection corneal epithelial oedema mid- dilated unreactive pupil and shallow anterior chamber might be observed in ophthalmology consultation.
A noble gas that is chemically unreactive, krypton forms when cosmic rays strike Earth and become trapped in air bubbles in ice.
I sent my sincerest apologies; you caught me at a time where I was just about to begin my pre-match meeting and I did not mean to come across as being unreactive.
His right pupil was dilated and unreactive to light and he had features of Cushing's reflex with bradycardia and hypertension.
As the concentration of CTABr and DA increases, the concentration of the reagent in the micellar pseudophase decreases and furthers the excess of unreactive [IO.sup.-.sub.4] in the stern layer so that the reaction rate decreases.
The solid product was separated by filtration and then put into a HCl 5% aqueous solution in order to eliminate the unreactive amine.