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a person who removes tangles

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Still, his efforts have been widely acknowledged, Kurt Anderson calling him heroic in a New York Magazine story and the Chicago Sports Review labeling him "the great unraveler."
For another, the prospect of senatorial candidates lecturing the public on divorce--by definition, the principal unraveler of families--does not have the look of a political winner.
The "glittering net" that Coombs divined would ensnare his brethren, however, was not woven from advertisements--thought to be the unravelers of authentic cultures by theorists steeped in the social critique of the Frankfurt School and historians stalking the "Captains of Consciousness." Advertisements that aimed to exploit social anxieties in consumers or ascribe social meanings to products were still several decades or more off.
The unravelers were more of the view that tensions within Islam might create space hi which limited reforms could take place over time.
It's not technology that's caused the unraveling, but people are worried that the unravelers keep winning.