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made without leavening


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go, demand Of mighty Nature, if 'twas ever meant That we should pry far off yet be unraised; That we should pore, and dwindle as we pore, Viewing all objects unremittingly In disconnexion dead and spiritless; And still dividing, and dividing still, Break down all grandeur, still unsatisfied With the perverse attempt, while littleness May yet become more little; waging thus An impious warfare with the very life Of our own souls!
"Everybody knows there are certain buttons when you push them, certain switches when you turn them on, there's no stopping, especially for undisciplined, untrained, untaught and unraised
poor performance) caused the default, and that the unraised error had
Herewith is my list of still unraised questions for Bernanke:
to have been previously unraised in broadband policy debates.
And the attempt to raise the dead, even if only figuratively so as to reenact their lives on stage, can always fall hopelessly flat, the possibility of which Shakespeare was acutely aware: But pardon, gentles all, The flat unraised spirits that hath dared On this unworthy scaffold to bring forth So great an object.
Give them their due, the Irish mustered a cheer for Ebaziyan as he enjoyed his victory stroll past the stands, but the 40-1 shot's welcome back to the winner's enclosure was more routine than rapturous, the roof as yet unraised. Willie Mullins might have felt a little miffed if he hadn't been so chuffed.
Many of these excerpts originate in music composed for or copied at the Vatican, suggesting that composers in Rome apparently developed a taste for the sound of simultaneous raised and unraised forms of the leading tone at cadences and must have been driven to construct melodic lines to make their preferences explicit.
In "gathering, condensing," and "settling down" as a spectator differentiated/distanced from the "stage's illusion" of blackness (by a "curtain" which the "crowd" expects to remain unraised and keep the dichotomy's fictiveness from showing), the whites assume "the same" look and enjoy the illusion of a monolithic racial identity despite their actual "absolute lack of trust in one another" (198).
What issues unraised? What will serious-minded people have to talk about?" "What do the current owners want from their newspapers?
Spalding continued that to live in such environment, to kneel at the tombs of saints, to dwell amid the ruins of the mightiest works of man, to look on the face of pure religion illumined by whatever of most divine human genius has wrought, is to have all that is noblest in one's being, stirred and thrilled; and they who return from this fountainhead of what on earth is greatest and most holy, unregenerate and unraised, must surely be hopelessly common or altogether frivolous.
The most important symbol at a seder is unleavened (unraised) bread, or matzo.
Theatre can raise the dead, although the Chorus, ever modest, says they are only "fiat, unraised spirits" on this "unworthy scaffold" and that it is the audience who must do much of the work to "piece out our imperfections with your thoughts" (Prologue 9, 10, 23).
Two strategies either unused or unraised by the teachers merit consideration.
Less forgivable are the deeper questions that go unresolved at best, and unraised at worst.